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Designing Your Session Proposal

  • Speak to a specific audience with the skill level you select (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced skill level). The experience and skills of Rally participants vary tremendously from new volunteer board members to land trust staff members with years of experience. We are seeking more Advanced sessions.
  • Determine the format of your session. We strongly encourage interactive formats. Think beyond the traditional lecture format and intersperse questions and answers or small group work throughout your session.
  • Indicate which of Land Trust Standards and Practices your session will cover, if applicable. See for more information on the practices.
  • Determine if your topic is covered by the Standards and Practices Curriculum. The Alliance strongly encourages you to use these resources wherever possible.
  • Select your co-presenter(s), if applicable.
  • Three learning objectives that list the skills or knowledge that participants will take away from the session. They should clearly articulate what participants will be able to do after attending the session and should NOT simply repeat the information in the session description.
  • Provide an accurate description and engaging, concise title.
  • Read our Rally Presentation Best Practices >>



Title: Savvy Risk Taking and Prevention

By the end of the session, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the type of risks affecting land trusts.
  • Describe how to mitigate and finance risk.
  • List five practical, real-life approaches to risk management that can be incorporated into a risk management plan.


Thank you for submitting a proposal for Rally 2015! Please know that we will be in touch about the status of your proposal during the week of April 13.




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