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Call for Presentations

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Thank you for submitting a proposal for Rally 2015! Please know that we will be in touch about the status of your proposal during the week of April 13.

Why Submit a Proposal?

Participants tell us that the #1 reason they attend Rally is for the in-person educational sessions. At Rally 2014 in Providence, RI, faculty presented more than 250 educational hours over a three-day period to 1,921 attendees including 650 First Timers! Rally would not be the success it is, year after year, without the generous help from our knowledgeable faculty.  Thank you for giving your time and expertise to strengthen the work of land trusts throughout America. You are an invaluable resource.

Rally benefited our organization by deepening our technical knowledge about our business and by fueling the passion we bring to this complex work. Rally allows us to take several days to dive more deeply into topics we simply don't have time to explore in our day to day work.
- Rally 2014 participant

Training Formats

Seminars are high quality, intensive trainings that delve into important issues in land conservation taught by the top leaders in the field.  We select 12-15 seminars which are scheduled for Thursday, October 8. Depending on the topic, these courses typically have a class size limited to 30-55 people for a more personalized learning experience. Participants pay extra to attend seminars which can be either:

Daylong sessions that are seven hours in length
Half-day sessions that are four hours long

Daylong sessions that are seven hours in length

Half-day sessions that are four hours long

Workshops are diverse topics taught by experienced colleagues and experts. Workshops run concurrently within 9 areas of focus. We select 75-90 workshops which are scheduled for Friday and Saturday, October 9 and 10. These trainings are 90 minutes in length and can have anywhere from 20–200 people in attendance. Workshops are included in the basic Rally registration fee and handout materials are posted on RallyNet, the Rally App and The Learning Center for Alliance members to download.

NEW! If you would like to present a longer session, you have the option of being assigned two, back-to-back workshop sessions. These longer workshops would have a Part I and Part II and would also be scheduled for Friday and Saturday, October 9th and 10th. Please note that this option is replacing our Featured Session slot.

If you have any questions, please contact Patty Tipson, Training Manager, at 202-870-3971 |

Important Rally 2015 Deadlines

February 23 Proposals due to the Alliance
April 13-17 The Alliance notifies applicants about the status of their proposals
August 17
Last day for the Alliance to cancel a seminar
August 17
Final accurate session description, faculty biographies and audio-visual needs due
September 14
Handouts due for photocopying; the Alliance provides final details, including estimated session attendance
September 14 Registration deadline - last day to pre-register for Rally
October 8
Day-long and half-day seminars conducted
October 9-10
Workshops conducted


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