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Use An Express Learning Kit In Just 5 Easy Steps

  1. Select a good facilitator who can guide the land trust through the exercise(s) provided. The facilitator should review the webinar video-recording and written materials well in advance of the meeting so he or she can comfortably converse on the topic. While it’s helpful to have a facilitator that is an expert in the subject discussed, it is not always possible. It’s fine to have a skilled facilitator instead of a subject matter expert, because after all, the webinar recording features the expert.
  2. Gather your team together in a place where they can all comfortably view the webinar recording (using a projector is a must!).
  3. After viewing the webinar video-recording, the facilitator guides the group through the exercises or discussion.
  4. Re-cap the discussion and review the agreed-upon next steps
  5. Plan a check-in date to measure improvement and action progress.

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