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Arizona Ranch Unifies Landscape

AZ - The recently protected Clyne Ranch is a critical addition to existing conserved lands - enhancing wildlife movement corridors, protecting expansive native grasslands, and continuing to secure key water sources for generations to come.
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Arizona Ranch Unifies Landscape

The 880-acre Clyne Ranch is a critical addition to existing protected lands surrounding Cienega Creek in Arizona. It acts as a vital link between two major conservation areas. The result is a unified landscape connection which enhances wildlife movement corridors, protects expansive native grasslands, and will continue to secure key water sources for generations to come.

The ranch was recently protected with help from the Arizona Land and Water Trust.

The recently protected ranch links the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area and Coronado National Forest. Clyne RanchIts protection expands an interconnected system of conserved lands stretching from the Santa Rita Mountains to the Whetstone Mountains in southeastern Pima County. It extends current work by the Trust and Pima County to protect working landscapes, critical water sources, and the lush biodiversity of Cienega Creek.

With significant stands of Palmer’s agave, this property is now an ideal protected habitat for a variety of vulnerable bat species including the lesser long-nosed bat and Mexican long-tongued bat.

Clyne Ranch is being protected using voter-approved funds from Pima County Conservation Bonds.


Photos by Liz Petterson, Arizona Land and Water Trust

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