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Three Key Properties Preserved Along San Mateo Coast

CA - Peninsula Open Space Trust acquires three properties near San Gregorio, Half Moon Bay and Moss Beach totaling 1,001 acres.
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Three Key Properties Preserved Along San Mateo Coast

1,001 Acres Acquired

Peninsula Open Space Trust has helped preserve three key properties near San Gregorio, Half Moon Bay and Moss Beach, saving critical wildlife habitat, scenic views and public trails in the region. 

Toto Ranch

Landowner Kathleen Scutchfield has worked with Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) over the last few years to protect her ranch, 952 acres rising up in a series of gentle, grassy slopes along the east side of Highway 1 north of San Gregorio. The ranch's natural resources include critical wildlife habitat, important watershed land and panoramic views of the San Gregorio and Tunitas Creek valleys.

“Highway 1 along the San Mateo Coast is a scenic thoroughfare unlike any other in the United States. The acquisition of Toto Ranch, brimming with natural resources, means a significant stretch of this road will maintain its breathtaking impact,” said POST President Audrey Rust.

“We are immensely grateful to Kathy Scutchfield for her ongoing generosity to POST. Luxury estates could have covered Toto Ranch as a result of subdivision, but thanks to Kathy’s easement gift and now this bargain sale, this sweeping coastal landscape will be protected forever, avoiding any future threat of development.”

With nearly 200 acres within the Tunitas Creek watershed, Toto Ranch has significant impact on the health of the watershed and of habitat for threatened and endangered animals such as steelhead trout, Coho salmon and California red-legged frogs. The property is also home to bobcats, coyotes, mountain lions white-tailed kite, peregrine falcons, Cooper’s hawks, sharp-shinned hawks and golden eagles. The ranch has a long history of grazing, with a cow/calf operation, sheep and goats pastured there in recent years. Title to the ranch gives POST a chance to steward natural resources on the land while looking for a new conservation owner capable of managing the property long-term.

Said POST Executive Vice President Walter T. Moore, “It is remarkable to find a large, intact property like this on the Coastside with easy access to paved roads that has not been parcelized or disturbed by any kind of building.”

32 Acres in Half Moon Bay

POST purchased 32 acres from private landowners in Half Moon Bay, land that sits near the top of Skyline Ridge and connects Mills Creek Open Space Preserve and Burleigh-Murray State Park. “This strategically located parcel, situated at the heart of 1,600 acres of already protected public lands, shows what a big difference protection of a small property can make,” said Rust. “By protecting this land, we can make sure that recreational trails can be connected, animals can roam freely and people can enjoy uninterrupted views of the Coastside.”

On a clear day, downtown Half Moon Bay and adjacent open lands including POST-protected properties Johnston Ranch, Madonna Creek Ranch, Pillar Point Bluff and Wavecrest are all visible from the property. Twinberry, coyote brush and lizard’s tongue grow profusely on its steep slopes, and dense coastal scrub and Douglas fir top its ridges. All 32 acres are located within the Arroyo Leon watershed, and seasonal Leon Creek runs through the property’s lower portion, providing habitat for steelhead trout, California red-legged frogs and San Francisco garter snakes.

17 Acres Near Moss Beach

Another strategic land protection project completed along the coast includes 17 acres near Moss Beach at Pillar Point.

Informal trails have crossed this private property for years; eventually trails will be improved and opened officially to the public. Said Moore, “The property offers a logical future extension of the segment of California Coastal Trail just completed on POST’s Pillar Point Bluff property nearby.”

Just west of Highway 1, the land is part of the scenic backdrop of open hills visible from Highway 1 near Half Moon Bay Airport. It is adjacent to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and to land owned by the United States Air Force as well as San Mateo County Parks. Located next to Pillar Point Marsh wetlands, the largely coastal terrace prairie terrain is rich in native plant and wildlife habitat considered rare and sensitive by the California Coastal Commission. “Had POST not stepped in to protect this land, it might have become three home sites blocking access to this portion of the bluff,” Rust said.

Photo of Toto Ranch by Karl Kroeber. Courtesy of POST.

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