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We have an opportunity in the next 20 years to save the places people value, and to leave a healthy environment, vibrant communities and natural areas as our legacy to our children and grandchildren. Today this legacy is at great risk.

The approaching tidal wave of development pressure is simply too high for a single land trust to succeed without the resources and national leadership provided by the Land Trust Alliance.

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By partnering with the Alliance as a member, here are three ways you’ll help us make a difference:

  • You’ll help to accelerate the pace of conservation across America. We mobilize the land trust community to act on policy issues, because we’ve learned that with government tax incentives and funding for local land conservation, more families can and do choose to conserve their land.
  • You’ll help us strengthen the people and organizations we depend on to care for privately conserved land. We deliver training; specialized tools, information and resources; and comprehensive regional programming to advance land trusts’ expertise, ensuring long-lasting effective land conservation at highest level.
  • You’ll help to ensure the places we love are protected forever. Our Conservation Defense program is aimed at ensuring places protected today stay protected forever.

Join land conservation champions across the country and become a member of the Land Trust Alliance. With your help, the Alliance will work diligently every day with our nation’s land trusts, our elected officials and members of your community to quickly, effectively and permanently save our most valued natural places across America.

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"The tax incentive has allowed people of more modest means a fighting chance of receiving some benefit for their generosity to future generations."
- Susan Lackey, Washtenaw Land Trust

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