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Citizens for Conservation Wants Your Help

October 3, 2011 | Citizens for Conservation | Barrington, IL


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Campaign Launched to Remove Invasive


BARRUNGTON, IL -- Barrington area communities have been overrun by some nasty invasive plants, both shrubs and non-woody weeds. Citizens for Conservation (CFC) is doing something about it. With a grant from Barrington Area Community Foundation, CFC has launched an area-wide campaign to rid properties of these aggressive plants. CFC volunteers have contributed many hours over the years to eliminating obnoxious weeds and woody plants in our prairies, wetlands and woodlands, and now they're are asking homeowners and municipalities to join the campaign.

Some of the really bad invasives are garlic mustard, buckthorn, reed canary grass, teasel, common reed and dame's rocket. CFC’s Community Education Committee has produced flyers that show what these look like in various stages of growth, explain why they are noxious, and tell how to eliminate them from your properties. CFC volunteers who are experienced in eradicating invasives are also available to visit residential and municipal properties to identify these weeds and advise on removal procedures. The flyers and/or on-site visits are available to anyone willing to participate in our invasives removal campaign, including homeowners and municipalities. The flyers are available to download. Call CFC at 847-382-SAVE to make an appointment for a yard visit.

In addition CFC has created a short video demonstrating removal techniques of some of these invasives. Community Education members are available to show this video and discuss the problem of these invasives at meetings of interested organizations such as homeowners associations, garden clubs, etc, on request.

These extremely invasive species of plants are taking over our beautiful yards, countryside and roadsides. Invasive alien species crowd out the desirable native plants, drive away the birds and butterflies that depend on the natives, and reduce biodiversity, creating a monoculture of undesirable plants. Additionally, they are often ugly!  Just look at dense stands of buckthorn along roadways, in park areas or even in your yard. It will take a concerted community effort to make a difference against these plant bullies, and we encourage your participation. CFC thanks the Barrington community for their help!


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