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Citizens for Conservation and Barrington Bank and Trust Partner to Protect Open Space

October 17, 2011 | Citizens for Conservation | Lake Barrington, IL
Citizens for Conservation and Barrington Bank and Trust Partner to Protect Open Space

Photo by Patsy Mortimer


Contact: Alberto Moriondo
Chairman, Citizens for Conservation Land Preservation Committee


Eleven-Acre Land Donation Expands CFC’s
Flint Creek Savanna South Property


LAKE BARRINGTON, IL -- Citizens for Conservation (CFC) today announced that it is expanding its Flint
Creek Savanna South property as a result of the donation by the Barrington Bank & Trust of a parcel of
approximately eleven acres of open space formerly known as “Lot 2 of the Boulder Ridge Subdivision”
located along Northwest Highway in Lake Barrington. CFC had been working for a number of years with
the previous owner to secure this parcel. When Barrington Bank & Trust took possession of the property
in 2010, CFC immediately reached out to the bank's senior management to work out a win-win
partnership that would preserve such an important groundwater recharge location, as identified by the
Flint Creek Watershed Partnership.

CFC’s Land Preservation Chairman Alberto Moriondo stated, “We are very pleased with the partnership
with Barrington Bank & Trust that enabled us to expand the size of our Flint Creek Savanna South
preserve to almost twenty acres under CFC management. From the very beginning, it was clear that the
Bank shared CFC’s mission of protecting natural lands and was committed to giving back to the
community. This latest addition furthers CFC’s goal of creating a “natural corridor” along Flint Creek and

Barrington Bank & Trust CEO Brad Stetson said, “We are happy to partner with CFC and see that our
donation will go to an organization that is the recognized land steward in the Barrington area.
Barrington Bank & Trust is a big believer of reinvesting in the community and this partnership with CFC
aligns with our mission and core values, ensuring that the parcel will be restored it to its natural
condition and preserved in perpetuity.”

Since 2005, CFC has been successful in securing over 50 acres of open space in the Barrington area, both directly and by working with private and local government entities. It recently partnered with the Village of Lake Barrington to acquire a 30-acre parcel formerly known as the Gibbs property and subsequently purchased 8.5 acres from the Village in two separate transactions. CFC retains a 20-year option to purchase the entire property. CFC believes that current market conditions are very favorable for land preservation and is committed to continue expanding its natural lands initiatives.

About Citizens for Conservation

Citizens for Conservation has been a leading environmental steward of the Barrington area for the last forty years. Incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 1971, it currently has 374 acres under management and has helped protect over 3,000 acres in the BACOG area since its founding. CFC acquires land for preservation and restoration while also providing both adult and children’s education to local communities. Its cutting-edge restorations provide habitat for threatened species of plants and animals such as the sandhill crane, and its educational outreach provides residents with programs about native plants, water conservation, pollinators, coyotes, deer, and other subjects of local interest. Each day CFC volunteers live the organization’s mission of Saving Living Space for Living Things through protection, restoration and stewardship of land, conservation of natural resources and education.” For more information please visit


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