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Risk Management Planning

Developing a Dedicated Risk Management Program: New Free Resource

Risk management is a discipline for dealing with uncertainty. Although legal risks represent an important category for a land trust, other risks must be considered.

While addressing legal exposures may be a component of your risk management effort, the real payoff of a dedicated risk management program is the opportunity to better understand events that could cause significant or irreparable harm – or unprecedented benefit – to your land trust’s mission.

From time to time, every land trust engages in activities that could produce potentially devastating or surprisingly beneficial results. Risk-aware land trust leaders will train their sights to look for and understand these mission-impacting risks.

So how do you manage the risk? Use the free risk management products and services now offered by the Land Trust Alliance through the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, to help your land trust better manage the risks you face every day.

Free Affiliate membership with the Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Nonprofit Risk Management Center LogoThe Land Trust Alliance purchased, for all our member land trusts, an Affiliate membership with the Nonprofit Risk Management Center. Simply go to the Conservation Defense Clearinghouse and click on the Center's logo featured there.

The logo-link takes you to your “go-to” page to access Affiliate Member benefits. If there are specific products or services you would like to receive as part of the Alliance member benefits, let the Center staff know. Some must-see tools:

  • View FREE Affiliate Risk Tips here.
  • Get the FREE risk management eNews!
  • Access FREE unlimited online recordings of Risk Management Webinars in the Webinar Vault link in the green sidebar once you are on the Affiliate webpage.
  • Learn more about other custom services; click the links in the green sidebar.
  • Call for special one-on-one free personal help for quick questions about risk, insurance, organizational risk management, and the wide array of resources and products for purchase at (202) 785-3981 or via email.

If you need assistance or have any questions about the Land Trust Alliance Conservation Defense Program, including risk management, please contact Leslie Ratley-Beach, Conservation Defense Director at (802) 262-6051 or via email »

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