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Do you believe in the value of open spaces? Are you an excellent team player? Can you help us help 1,000 land trusts? If so, you may be the very person we need. The Land Trust Alliance is filling four open positions.

Photo by DJ Glisson, II/Firefly Imageworks
June 25, 2018

Help us hit a home run for conservation

Growing up, baseball was life. I learned the game as a Pirate but perfected it as a Gator. In between, I saw time as a member of the Cubbies, RiverDogs and Zephyrs.

Robert Schwartz at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. / Photo by Lauren Walens
June 21, 2018

Taking a shot at making conservation better

The American Midwest holds a special place in my heart. From its roaming prairies to its open lands, the Midwest is truly beautiful. That's why I was so pleased it was the location of my first North American Wetlands Conservation Council retreat and meeting earlier this month.

Land Trust Alliance Executive Vice President Wendy Jackson shoots traps during the North American Wetlands Conservation Council retreat. / Photo courtesy Wendy Jackson

Becoming more vital and sustainable

Congratulations to the Land Trust Alliance on completing its new Strategic Plan!

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Keeping the promise of perpetuity

One of the best ways to protect scenic byways, wildlife habitat, watersheds, farms and forests is to prevent fragmentation. That's why many land trusts prohibit dividing the property.

The property owned by James and Janis Taylor. / Photo courtesy Three Valley Conservation Trust
June 12, 2018

U.S. Senate introduces Farm Bill

As we await the U.S. House of Representatives floor vote later this month on the Farm Bill, the Senate Agriculture Committee has introduced its bipartisan version of the bill.

Photo by DJ Glisson, II
June 08, 2018

Saving history

Indigenous peoples were the Chesapeake Bay region's earliest human residents and among the first in the Western Hemisphere to encounter European explorers and colonists


Partners protect land under flight path

What does conservation of an Eastern Shore farm have to do with our nation's defense? "Quite a lot," says Jody Couser, director of communications at the Chesapeake Conservancy.

The farm in the Middle Chesapeake Sentinel Landscape. / Photo by Teena Ruark Gorrow

Colorado affirms commitment to conservation

Iconic mountain ranges, farms and ranchlands, parks, rivers and open spaces have long defined Colorado. And to safeguard those important natural resources, Colorado has long made conservation a priority.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signs into law a bill affirming the state's commitment to conservation. / Photo courtesy of Erik Glenn
May 30, 2018

Legal decision a win for land trusts

Recreational use statutes offer valuable liability protection for land trusts that allow public access and encourage landowners to open their land to the public free of charge. Unfortunately, some lawyers like to challenge these statutes for people claiming injuries.

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