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Fall 2012

Vol. 31 No. 4 | ISSN 2159-2918



Saving Land Fall 2012
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From the President | By Rand Wentworth

Thirty years ago, land trusts created the Land Trust Alliance to expand their effectiveness and political strength. To celebrate our anniversary, we present a special edition of Saving Land.


Setting the Pace | By Chris Miller

If land trusts decide that we don’t do public policy, we may soon find ourselves with little to do.


Partnering for Quality Conservation

Two land trusts 1,500 miles apart form a partnership to learn from one another.


Built to Last | By Blair Fitzsimons

Thoughts on permanence: building something to last is what we do as land trusts.


A New Vision for Conservation | By Peter Forbes

No conservation group will succeed long-term without a broader and deeper engagement of the American public.


The Power of Place | By Alina Bokde

The beneficial effects of parks on public health are demonstrated by an urban land trust in California.


A Common Challenge | By Cristina Santiestevan

An overview of the four steps to prepare for climate change: learn, plan, adapt and inspire.


What Sets Land Trusts Apart | By Sam Passmore

A foundation funder discusses leverage and results in the land trust world.


Don’t Forget Us | By DeAnna Pope

Young people are the future of our movement and now is the time to engage them.


Land Trusts & Federal Agencies | By Sheila McGrory-Klyza

Flexibility and community support are just some of the benefits of these partnerships.


30 Years On | By Armando Carbonell

A retrospective on land conservation, the Land Trust Alliance and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.


A Rewarding Journey | By Tammara Van Ryn

Celebrating five years of the accreditation program.


List of Accredited Land Trusts


Extra, Extra!

Essay Four in the fall Saving Land, A New Vision for Conservation, by Peter Forbes, is an excerpt from his speech to the Maine Land Conservation Conference. Read the entire speech or watch the video.

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