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April 11, 2013

The Knobloch Family Foundation Awards Grant to the Partnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation

The Land Trust Alliance has been awarded a grant of $150,000 to support the PGCLC for the next three years. The funds will be used to produce a collaborative vision for land conservation and to maintain our coalition and collaborative efforts to increase the pace, quality, and permanence of land conservation on the Gulf Coast. The Alliance is deeply grateful to the Knobloch Family Foundation for this award. We are awaiting decisions on additional grant requests.

BP Begins Its Defense in Oil Spill Trial

Witnesses testifying on behalf of BP took the stand beginning Monday, April 8.  They testified that BP took the appropriate safety precautions and that other companies shared in mistakes. More >>

Gulf Gathering Provides Insight

A gathering of environmental and social justice groups was held in Point Clear AL in March, 2013 to discuss community and environmental impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Scientific research, legal analysis and advocacy were on the agenda. Visit the website for more information, including an overview of policy and funding mechanisms prepared by the Environmental Law Institute.

Land Conservation Improves Under-served Communities and Changes the Lives of Teenagers

Wendy Jackson of Freshwater Land Trust and Robyn Carlton of Lookout Mountain Conservancy will share their experiences in Birmingham, AL on Thursday, April 15 during a Conversation with Conservation Professionals. Join the conversation from 2:00 – 3:00 pm Eastern Time to learn more about the trails and greenways network in the city's under-served areas, and how high school volunteers connect with the land and with each other while changing their own lives in the process.

To register, email with "Conversations" in the subject line, along with any questions you would like answered. Prior to the call, we’ll provide registrants with the call-in phone number.

Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks LCC Announces Conservation Planning Atlas

The Conservation Planning Atlas (CPA) is a science-based mapping platform where conservation managers and LCC members can go to view, retrieve, and perform analyses on spatial information with specific conservation goals in mind. More >>

Traditional Ecological Knowledge Included In Coastal Restoration Plans

“Coastal residents have a wealth of information on conditions they observe on a daily basis, whether it is weather, currents, tide or other factors that could affect a project,” according to Michelle Esposito, research associate with the University of New Orleans Center for Hazards Assessment, Response and Technology. 

The challenge has been finding a way to integrate that knowledge into scientific processes. A new method, called Sci-TEK (Scientific and Traditional Ecological Knowledge) is being piloted in Louisiana.  

In a recent project in the Barataria Basin, approximately 400 people were asked whom they would recommend to talk about the subject of coastal restoration needs. Locals identified 13 people who were considered most knowledgeable. Those 13 made numerous boat trips with scientists, sharing information about local conditions. The information they shared was logged in a way that could be useful to scientists and computer modelers.The purpose of the method they developed is to help provide another layer of information to the state Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority’s decision-making process. More >>

Houston Chronicle Editorial Board Urges Texas to Use RESTORE Act Funds for Natural Resources

Houston’s largest newspaper is encouraging Texas Governor Rick Perry to use RESTORE Act funds to nurture the long-term health of the Gulf, particularly Galveston bay, the most productive bay in Texas and one of the most productive in the United States. The editorial board advocates using the funds for restoring and conserving habitat, restoring water quality, replenishing coastal and marine resources and assuring that coastal population growth coexists with, as much as possible, the unique and fragile habitat rather than destroying it. “When it comes to Perry and his connection to the public's money, the Republican-dominated Legislature should adhere to a venerable Ronald Reagan dictum: Trust but verify,” urge the opinion writers. More >>

Public Concern Regarding Climate Change Slightly Higher

According to a survey conducted in March, 2013 by the Gallup organization, the partisan divide over climate change remains strong.  However, Republicans' views have changed slightly over the past couple of years. The percentage of Republicans concerned about global warming has increased to 40% in 2012 from 32% in 2011. Republicans' views on this issue are back to where they were during the George W. Bush administration. Surveyors speculate that this change may reflect concerns about drought and other severe weather. More >>


Julia Weaver
Partnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation
Ocean Springs, MS

The Partnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation is organized under the auspices of the Land Trust Alliance which provides administrative and fiscal support.

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