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Federal Funding Matrix

Partnering with government agencies, nonprofit partners and unlikely allies is critical to the permanent protection of the special places we love. To help land trusts in the Midwest better connect with key federal conservation funding programs, we have produced a matrix summarizing contact and program information of the federal programs most commonly used in the Midwest to advance the protection of working lands, natural lands, and water resources. Download it now »

See an error or omission? Please let us know. Interested in advocating for federal funding for conservation? Become a Land Trust Advocate »

How We Help

The Midwest Regional Program advances the pace, quality, and permanence of land conservation in the 13 midwestern states — from the Great Plains to the Great Lakes to Appalachia, with a special focus on providing Excellence programs to increase land trusts’ conservation impact in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and the Great Lakes basin.

  • The Chicago Project 2012-14 is a land conservation program providing training, collaboration and networking. The program provides both individual organizational development services, as well as facilitation of collaborative land conservation efforts. Learn more about this program.
  • The Coalition of Ohio Land Trusts (COLT) is a voluntary network of land trusts and other conservation organizations dedicated to advancing land conservation for public benefit in Ohio. Learn more about this collaboration.
  • Indiana Land Trust Advancement Program. This 3-year program in Indiana provides the state's land trusts with training, organizational growth services, and technical assistance to help them upgrade their practices, develop sustainable operational and financial structures, and prepare for accreditation review. Program description.
  • Michigan Advancing Conservancy Excellence Program (ACE) is a comprehensive program to help land trusts reach their next level of excellence, to assist land trusts to prepare for accreditation, and to support a strong and cohesive conservation community. Find out more about this program.
  • The Upper Mississippi River Land Trust Excellence Program is a comprehensive, two-year program designed to strengthen the capacity, expertise and conservation impact of land trusts operating within a seven-state region of the Upper Mississippi River Basin. Our primary goal is to build land trust capacity to help improve water quality through land conservation and restoration, thereby enhancing the resilience of the Mississippi River and its headwaters. Learn more about this program.

  • Wisconsin Land Trust Excellence and Advancement Program (LEAP) is a multi-year program of services and support designed to help Wisconsin’s land trusts permanently protect the state’s natural and working lands by ensuring their own sustainability, effectiveness and credibility. Learn more.

  • strategic-conservation-report-coverStrategic Conservation Planning: Protecting Freshwater Resources in the Great Lakes Basin helps you discover how planning can help to better protect our land and water, learn about how land trusts involved their communities, read about one effort to develop a plan for a top priority project area, find out about a statewide initiative to identify priority lands, and learn how one land trust identified properties throughout their service area and then quantified the financial resources they’ll need to protect the top priorities. Download full report. (PDF, 15.7MB)


Contact Us

Carolyn Waldron, Midwest Director
(812) 822-0113

MaryKay O'Donnell, Midwest Conservation Manager
Phone: (269) 352-7032

Laura Eklov, Midwest Program Associate
Phone: (269) 324-1683

Artis Freye, Midwest Program Assistant
Phone: (269) 324-1683

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Success Story
Sensitive Land Along Northport Creek Forever Protected

Sensitive Land Along Northport Creek Forever Protected

MI - Jan Hunt’s land along Northport Creek is incredibly ecologically rich. It is the last intact, natural section of the creek before it hits Grand Traverse Bay, and its protection is important to preserving water quality. Jan has forever ensured its integrity with a conservation easement.

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