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Shale Gas Extraction and Conservation: What Land Trusts Need to Know

Date: February 20, 2014
Time: 2:00 - 3:30 pm ET
Instructors: Andy Loza, Steve Schiffman
Cost: $55 before February19, then cost will increase to $65
Level: Beginner / Intermediate


Shale gas development has serious implications for current and future easement holdings and fee lands. Issues facing land trust professionals and board members include:

  • The types of gas development that should and shouldn’t be allowed in new conservation easements
  • Evaluation of potential land acquisition and easement projects where the landowner doesn’t control the gas rights and drilling is possible
  • What to do about older easements that didn’t anticipate shale gas development
  • What to consider if an energy company wants to drill your land
  • How courts have responded when presented with questions about shale gas and conservation easements.

Drawing upon the experience of Pennsylvania land trusts, instructor Andy Loza and attorney Steve Schiffman will explore these issues and how a property’s particular conservation objectives, its relationship to neighboring lands, the culture of your organization and your region all impact what happens when shale gas development meets land conservation.

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