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Areas of Focus

The descriptions are for guidance only and are not meant to limit other great ideas or suggestions for workshops.

Community Conservation: listening authentically to your entire community; using land conservation to address education, public health, clean water, local food and other community needs; partnering with new and sometimes unexpected partners; connecting people from all walks of life to the land. This can be in rural, urban or suburban areas.

Communicating Effectively: improving your identity/brand to build broader and deeper support; using your website, newsletters and other communications tools effectively; incorporating social networking strategies; communications planning

Conservation Financing: where and how to get money for deals including innovative fundraising; effectively borrowing money; leveraging public and philanthropic money with other sources such as private investment capital; engaging wealth managers

Doing Deals and Ensuring Permanence: transaction due diligence; drafting conservation easements; baseline documentation; appraisals; legal and tax issues; stewardship; landowner relationships; monitoring and recordkeeping; dealing with condemnation, amendments, trespass and violations

Effective Advocacy to Support Your Work: building relationships with public officials; strategies to mobilize your board and supporters; advocacy communications; addressing priority issues (, preferably with skills training component

Fundraising and Membership: building sustainable organizations through diversified fundraising strategies; developing an effective case for support; managing membership, annual giving, major donor programs; grant seeking and writing; capital campaigns

Governance and Management: effective governance, decision-making and risk management; addressing conflict of interests; organizational development; board recruitment and orientation; staff management; financial management; strategic planning; transition and succession planning

Managing Land and Water Resources: conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems; land and water management; climate adaptation; restoration; conservation of working landscapes including farms and ranches, forest management; managing for public access and educational opportunities

Strategic Conservation Vision: long-term conservation planning and acquisition priorities; watershed and coastal planning; using partnerships effectively; landscape-scale conservation; land use planning and addressing community development needs; planning for climate change impacts such as sea level rise, species loss and habitat movement

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