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Training to Advance Conservation

Be sure your conservation work stands the test of time by taking advantage of our educational tools for your land trust staff, board and volunteers.

Webinars, Workshops and Conferences:

  • Rally: The National Land Conservation Conference - This annual conference offers a dynamic opportunity to meet with your colleagues in conservation, advance your skills and work to solve some of your greatest challenges.
  • Webinars - participate in a 90-minute online webinar
  • Workshops - attend in-person, one-day training hosted either by the Land Trust Alliance or other groups
  • Regional Conferences - meet your fellow conservation leaders to learn new ideas and discuss the latest conservation community news
  • Symposiums - advanced practicum for professionals affiliated with land conservation work


As part of our commitment to help land trusts grow stronger, the Land Trust Alliance provides people doing conservation work with opportunities to advance their success through unique learning and networking programs in communities all across the country.


Sandra Greenway"Marc Smiley talks about the 'audacity of perpetuity' that each land trust must face as we endeavor to meet the conservation and/preservation needs of the land entrusted to us. With a diverse background in non-profit management that ranges from Shakespeare festivals to battered women shelters, my land trust toolkit was a little light. Thanks to the Land Trust Alliance and its excellent training programs, I was able to gain knowledge about this type of non-profit quickly from the most respected sources in the industry.  

With tools from the Alliance, I completely understand the 'audacity of perpetuity' and I know what steps the Connemara Conservancy Foundation needs to take in order to fulfill our promise to Texas landowners. I wish other areas of the non-profit industry had something as meaningful, appropriate and thorough as the training programs provided by the Land Trust Alliance."

— Sandra Greenway, Executive Director, Connemara Conservancy Foundation

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