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2010 Accreditation Indicator Practices

The Land Trust Accreditation Commission, an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance, provides independent verification of the 26 indicator practices from Land Trust Standards and Practices that show a land trust's ability to operate in an ethical, legal and technically sound manner and ensure the long-term protection of land in the public interest.

Standard 1: Mission
1D. Ethics

Standard 2: Compliance with Laws
2A. Compliance with Laws
2B. Nonprofit Incorporation and Bylaws
2C. Tax Exemption

Standard 3: Board Accountability
3C. Board Governance
3F. Board Approval of Land Transactions

Standard 4: Conflicts of Interest
4A. Dealing with Conflicts of Interest

Standard 5: Fundraising
5A. Legal and Ethical Practices

Standard 6: Financial and Asset Management
6B. Financial Records
6D. Financial Review or Audit

Standard 7: Volunteers, Staff and Consultants
7A. Capacity

Standard 8: Evaluating and Selecting Conservation Projects
8B. Project Selection and Criteria
8D. Public Benefit of Transactions

Standard 9: Ensuring Sound Transactions
9E. Easement Drafting
9G. Recordkeeping
9H. Title Investigation and Subordination
9J. Purchasing Land

Standard 10: Tax Benefits
10B. Appraisals

Standard 11: Conservation Easement Stewardship
11A. Funding Easement Stewardship
11B. Baseline Documentation Report
11C. Easement Monitoring
11E. Enforcement of Easements
11I. Amendments

Standard 12: Fee Land Stewardship
12A. Funding Land Stewardship
12C. Land Management
12D. Monitoring Land Trust Properties

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