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Advocates Alerts 2011

Land Trust Advocates Alert Archives

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December 20: Easement Incentive to Expire Despite 290 Co-sponsors, LWCF Funding Increased

December 5: Two Weeks to Save the Incentive, Has Your Delegation Cosponsored?

November 22: Farm Bill in Limbo, Easement Incentive Extension in Play

November 20: Easement Programs Fare Well in Proposal to Super-committee, Ag Approps Enacted

November 4: Sign 3 Letters Today to Save the Easement Incentive & Charitable Deduction

November 1: AGO Projects Highlighted, Senate Restores Funding, Last Chance for Priorities Survey

October 19: McCain Amendment Would Slash Conservation, Farm Bill Fast-Tracked

October 10: Sign-on to Defend Conservation Funding, Get Ready to Rally

September 21: Help Set Alliance Priorities; FRPP, GRP & Charitable Deduction at Risk

August 16: Land Trust Farm Bill Proposals, Share Your Success Stories

August 5: Small Victories Amidst the Budget Cutting Fervor

July 25: Your Calls Today can Help Save LWCF

July 20: Don't Let Conservation Funding Wither in the Summer Heat

June 28: Call Your Senators Today: Save Ag Conservation Programs

June 23: Conservation Funding at Risk -- Calls Needed to Your Senators

June 20: Sign New Funding Letter, Free Webinar on Building Political Clout

June 14: Sign-on to Defend Natural Resources Funding

June 9: Tips for Thanking Co-sponsors, House Cuts FRPP & GRP, Free Webinars

May 24: Conservation Easement Incentive Act (HR 1964) Introduced with 252 Original Co-sponsors

May 6: Final Week - 234 Easement Incentive Cosponsors, Form 990 Reminder

April 21: Majority in House Co-sponsor Incentive (but more Rs needed), LWCF Letter, FY 11 Funding

April 14: Budget Deal Restores Most Conservation Funding, Is Your Rep an Easement Incentive Co-sponsor?

April 7: 124 Co-sponsors, Save Transfer Fees, Census List, Tax Reminders

March 30: Final Push for Original Co-Sponsors, Fight Conservation Cuts, Census Deadline

March 15: Ask Your Delegation to Co-sponsor, Get Congressional Directories

March 9: Defend Conservation Funding, Good News on Transmission, Census Reminder

February 18: Busy Week in Washington: Incentive Celebration, AGO, Budget Battles

February 17: Action Update on America's Great Outdoors Report

January 25: FRPP Rule Published, IRS Rally Highlights, Tips for Nonprofit Employers

January 7: New Year’s Tax Code Brings Challenges & Opportunities

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July 17: The House just voted 277-130 to pass the charities package! 56 Democrats joined their Republican colleagues to support charitable giving incentives, including the enhanced easement incentive - the second-highest number of defections after the research and development tax credit. Several others spoke on the floor in support of the conservation easement incentive, and other favorable charitable incentives. Thank you to organizations like Ducks Unlimited, CSF and others that reached out to Congressional offices over the last few days or alerted their membership of this important vote. Now, we pivot to the Senate.
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Congress wrestles with tax breaks for open space

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House passes Gerlach conservation tax break bill, now up to Senate

July 18, 2014 | The Mercury News | Pottstown, PA

The Time is Now for Congress to Act on Conservation

July 15, 2014 | Politico | Washington, D.C.

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