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Accelerating the Pace of Conservation

Help Make Permanent the Conservation Tax Incentive

On May 29, the House Ways & Means Committee voted to send the Conservation Easement Incentive Act (H.R. 2807), to the House floor for a vote, along with two other charitable provisions. The bill gained its 219th cosponsor, a majority of the members of the House of Representatives.

We need your help to bring the easement incentive to the floor--please ask your representatives to speak to House leadership in support of bringing the bill to the floor!

Please consider signing your land trust onto this letter by Independent Sector (which represents charities in D.C.) asking all members of the House to vote for the conservation tax incentive and two other charitable provisions recently passed by the committee (the IRA charitable rollover and an enhanced deduction for donations of food inventory to food banks and related charities). The letter asks for representatives to make these three important charitable provisions permanent. The more organizations that sign on, the larger impact we will have.

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Our Current Public Policy Priorities

  1. Creating increased tax incentives for land conservation in both the federal income and estate tax
  2. Maximizing land trusts’ access to conservation funding in the Farm Bill
  3. Secure federal funding for land conservation programs (LWCF, Forest Legacy, NAWCA & Section 6)
  4. Improving IRS administration of conservation donation rules
  5. Increasing effective advocacy by land trusts

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About the Alliance's Public Policy Program

Russ Video ThumbnailAs the national umbrella organization of 1,700 community-based land trusts, the Land Trust Alliance advocates for public policies that support land trusts’ conservation goals, including increased land conservation funding and improved tax incentives so that more landowners can afford to choose conservation. Such policies have opened the door to voluntary, landowner-led conservation of important wildlife habitat, productive working lands, and scenic open space across the country.

Alliance staff provide a voice for land trusts in halls of Congress, but ultimately the power of the land trust community is the sum of the relationships that individual land trusts have built with their elected officials.  Our goal is to provide land trusts the information, tools and inspiration to become a highly effective voices for policies that support private conservation.

Our Policy Team

Russ Shay

Russ has served as the Alliance’s Director of Public Policy since 1998. Russ is our lead lobbyist in Washington, D.C. and serves as the primary point of contact for all policy issues. 
202-800-2230 | Email | Twitter

Barton James

Barton joined the Alliance in 2013, as the Conservation Campaign Director. He leads the Alliance’s advocacy initiative, constructing a national grasstops network to harness the political strength of the nation’s 1,700 land trusts. In addition, he works with and manages land trust advocacy efforts in the Southeast.
202-800-2239 | Email | Twitter

Bethany O'Donovan

Bethany joined the Alliance in 2014, as the Western Advocacy & Outreach Manager. Bethany works with and manages the advocacy efforts of land trusts in the West.
202-800-2240 | Email | Twitter

Sean Robertson

Sean joined the Alliance in 2008. As the Northeastern Advocacy & Outreach Manager, Sean works with and manages the advocacy efforts of land trusts in the Northeast.
202-800-2229 | Email | Twitter

Bryan David

Bryan joined the Alliance in 2012. As the Government Relations Specialist, he coordinates much of our day-to-day work on tax incentives and federal appropriations, and manages policy-related communications to land trusts and external audiences. In addition, he works with and manages the advocacy efforts of land trusts in the Midwest.
202-800-2223 | Email | Twitter

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June 12: In Historic First, Conservation Tax Incentive Approved by Committee

We are one step closer to making the incentive permanent, but we now need to convince House leadership that this is a priority for their members and should be brought to the floor for a vote ASAP. Please consider signing your land trust onto this letter by Independent Sector asking all members of the House to vote for the conservation tax incentive and two other charitable provisions.
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