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While Maine's coastal zone comprises only 15% of the land area of Maine, 44% of Maine's residents live in this limited area.

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Become a Supporting Organization

To achieve the Goals identified by the Coalition, we will need the support of many agencies, institutions, organizations, and individuals. Recreation groups, land trusts, commercial fishing groups, tourism and economic development councils, municipalities, sporting groups, small businesses and large corporations are examples of the many diverse partners that can work together to achieve the Goals described in this Framework.

Write a Letter

To show support for the importance of coastal land conservation, organizations can become a Supporting Organization by writing a letter that is signed by the appropriate individual(s) within the organization and is printed on their letterhead. This letter should:

  • Include this phrase “ABC Organization supports the Goals of the Maine Coast Protection Initiative”
  • Describe their organization’s perspective on the importance of coastal land conservation in Maine and the relevance of MCPI
  • Describe, if appropriate, how their organization intends to be involved in the implementation of the Framework

Letters can be sent to:


What it means to be a Supporting Organization

As a Supporting Organization of the Maine Coast Protection Initiative, you or your organization will have opportunities to help lead strategic coastal land conservation across Maine. Supporting Organizations can:

  • Be a part of a coastal conservation community with a clear vision and common priorities;
  • Use your unique organizational skills, knowledge and/or resources to achieve shared goals;
  • Include your priorities in a coordinated effort to advance coastal conservation;
  • Develop relationships with other Supporting Organizations with shared interests and goals;
  • Become eligible for project grants, MCPI staff assistance, and other resources.
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Coastal Map

MCPI has created a beautiful map and poster product as a communication tool to broaden and deepen engagement in coastal conservation.

Download the 11x17 map poster

Coastal Success Stories

Coastal Choices is a series of video stories and supporting resources that demonstrate how five diverse coastal communities in Maine have taken creative measures to enhance community life and sustain economic health through land conservation. Each story is designed to help individuals and communities work together to protect our threatened coastal resources.

View the videos

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