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While Maine's coastal zone comprises only 15% of the land area of Maine, 44% of Maine's residents live in this limited area.

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Goal 1: Conserved Lands - A viable network of conserved land that protects priority coastal and estuarine habitat, adequate coastal access to support commercial fisheries and recreational pursuits, and sufficient scenic viewsheds to preserve the unique character of the Maine coast.

Measurable Accomplishments

  • Coastwide reference map in place outlining focus areas for conservation of high-priority habitat, coastal access, and scenic/cultural features. Non-sensitive and relevant data sets made available to all coastal stakeholders.
  • Best practices of strategic land conservation principles and practices made available to all coastal stakeholders. At least 50% of coastal land trusts have used these resources to develop (or update) and implement local and regional conservation action plans that advance coastwide conservation priorities.
  • Each land trust which receives a major capacity-building grant has a completed conservation action plan that incorporates priority focus areas and at least 75% of their active projects advance their action plan and help create the viable network.

Goal 2: Land Trusts - Land trusts with sustainable, professional and technical capacity engaged in proactive strategic land conservation and long-term stewardship.

Measurable Accomplishments

  • Each land trust which receives a major capacity-building grant has completed an organizational self-assessment guided by the Land Trust Alliance (LTA) and the results indicate that they have fully implemented LTA Standards and Practices.
  • Seventy-five percent of coastal land trusts have access to and can use reliable data and/or mapping services to support strategic conservation work.
  • Maine’s Conservation Easement Registry includes 100% of all easements held by coastal land trusts.
  • With MCPI’s support, a new land trust merger or a new land trust affiliation has occurred resulting in a long-term change to the entities’ organizational structure.
  • With MCPI’s support, a new collaboration among land trusts has occurred resulting in greater or enhanced professional and technical capacity for land conservation.
  • Land trusts that receive MCPI grants and/or technical assistance have at least 50% of their active land acquisition projects in the coastal zone within one of the identified focus areas.

Goal 3:  Funding and Public Support - Strong support and increased funding for coastal land conservation.

Measurable Accomplishments

  • The MCPI Coalition includes at least 100 supporting organizations with a collective membership of at least 100,000 individuals. The primary mission of at least 25% of the supporting organizations is not the protection of land through fee and easement acquisition.
  • Decision-makers in government, business, and other organizations advance funding and policy support for coastal conservation efforts and publicly recognize MCPI as a model for cooperation and collaboration among coastal stakeholders.
  • A sustainable source of grants for capacity-building and land conservation work is established through a collaborative network of public and private funders convened by MCPI.
  • An annual increase in federal, state, and/or local funding for land conservation for which MCPI has advocated.
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Coastal Map

MCPI has created a beautiful map and poster product as a communication tool to broaden and deepen engagement in coastal conservation.

Download the 11x17 map poster

Coastal Success Stories

Coastal Choices is a series of video stories and supporting resources that demonstrate how five diverse coastal communities in Maine have taken creative measures to enhance community life and sustain economic health through land conservation. Each story is designed to help individuals and communities work together to protect our threatened coastal resources.

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