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While Maine's coastal zone comprises only 15% of the land area of Maine, 44% of Maine's residents live in this limited area.

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Goal 2: Land Trusts

The following strategies describe how the MCPI will achieve Goal 2 - Land trusts with sustainable professional and technical capacity engaged in proactive strategic land conservation and long-term stewardship.

Implementation Strategy

2.1 Focus capacity-building grants and staff resources on a limited number of recipients (3-5) while assuring broad-based geographic distribution of funds along the coast. Funding and staff resources will be directed to efforts that promote (a) greater regional focus, and/or (b) collaboration, and/or (c) sustainable capacity.

2.2 Allocate some portion of capacity-building funds for smaller grants to other coastal land trusts to support specific capacity-building projects.

2.3 Assess GIS and other mapping technology needs of local land trusts for mapping, analysis, and planning services, and create and enhance capacity to address those needs.

2.4 In areas where regional consolidation is viable, provide resources and support discussions for interested land trusts.

2.5 Provide financial and other support to strengthen Maine’s Conservation Easement Registry, coordinated by MCHT, to provide data required to help assure long-term responsible stewardship.

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Coastal Map

MCPI has created a beautiful map and poster product as a communication tool to broaden and deepen engagement in coastal conservation.

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Coastal Success Stories

Coastal Choices is a series of video stories and supporting resources that demonstrate how five diverse coastal communities in Maine have taken creative measures to enhance community life and sustain economic health through land conservation. Each story is designed to help individuals and communities work together to protect our threatened coastal resources.

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