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Land Trust Protects Farm Along Little River

NY - Brothers Henry and Charles Parry have ensured the permanent protection of their 440-acre farm that has been in their family since 1901.
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Land Trust Protects Farm Along Little River

The Parry Easement

Brothers Henry and Charles Parry have ensured the permanent protection of their 440-acre farm that has been in their family since 1901. Working with the Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust  they were able to place a conservation easement on the property in the town of Camden in Oneida County. Neither brother has children, and they wanted to ensure the farm stay essentially as it is and available for farming. The easement prohibits future development of the property except for farming purposes.

Besides the active farm area, there is a beautiful sugarbush and the woodlands surrounding the farm have been managed with care resulting in magnificent stands of mature northern hardwoods. A portion of the southern boundary of the property is bordered by the Little River and is just upstream from a 130 acre property the land trust protected last Fall. The easement has designated no cut buffers along the river and in wetland areas and limited timber harvest areas on the rest of the woodlands to maintain the mature condition. Most importantly, it gives Henry and Charles the peace of mind to know that their family farm will always be just that, a farm.

There is also historic significance to the property. During the American Revolutionary War a road known as “the old Mexico Road” was established between Ft. Stanwix in Rome and Port Ontario in Mexico, NY. This old road runs through the property. There are also many old buildings on the property including a hop house which was built before 1900 and remnants of an old homestead along an abandoned town road.

The Little River has become a protection priority area for the land trust because of its relatively undeveloped, pristine and wild condition. The river, which has important recreational, scenic and water quality values, flows into the West Branch of Fish Creek and on into Oneida Lake. The land trust will continue to look for protection opportunities along the Little River.

Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust  is a regional nonprofit organization, established in 1991 that prides itself on working closely with private landowners to protect the special character of the Tug Hill region, and fostering responsible land stewardship practices in northern New York’s 2,100-square-mile Tug Hill region. With the completion of this easement, The land trust has worked with 29 landowners to protect just over 4,500 acres throughout the region. The land trust continues to work with additional landowners to permanently protect the working forests, farms, recreation and wild lands of Tug Hill through conservation easement agreements.

The Tug Hill region lies between Lake Ontario and the Adirondacks, Oneida Lake and the Black River. Larger than several states, it’s approximately 2,100 square miles comprise one of the most rural sections of New York State and the Northeast. For more information call 315-779-8240 or visit their website at, email at, or write P.O. Box 6063, Watertown, NY 13601.

Photo of the Little River where it borders the Pary Farm courtesy of Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust

November 25, 2008

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