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Ozark Farm Forever

MO - The Boettcher family donates a conservation easement on a 1,550 acre farm to Ozark Regional Land Trust.
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Ozark Farm Forever

Boettcher Family Farm Protected

A conservation easement donation by the Boettcher family to the Ozark Regional Land Trust on a 1,550 acre farm in the Gasconade River watershed will protect forever the extensive oakhickory forests and clear headwater streams found throughout the property.

It also adds a significant buffer to the nearby Canaan Conservation Area, managed by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Together, these properties protect 3,000 acres of prime wildlife habitat.

Boettcher FamilyThe Boettcher family acquired the farm over several years beginning in the 1930s. The family patriarch, William Boettcher, was an early leader in soil and water conservation.

After Mr. Boettcher’s death, his widow and children cared for the expansive farmstead. They commissioned a forest management plan and participated in conservation programs. In recent years, native grasses were planted, glades restored, and some fields reforested with hardwoods.

The Boettchers are model land stewards and their gift ensures that the area’s rolling hills and forests will be protected forever. The project also adds to protected lands in the watershed of the Gasconade River. ORLT now holds easements on nearly 6,000 acres in the watershed.

Story adapted from the Ozark Regional Land Trust's Fall 2008 newsletter

Photos courtesy of Ozark Regional Land Trust

Top photo of forests on the Boettcher property. Middle photo of the Boettcher family - Esther Boettcher surrounded by her children, Lois Wyman and Glenn Boettcher.

Fall 2008

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