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Charts and Graphs

Chart 1

* Acres conserved by other means refers to land protected as a result of the activities of the land trust, but which the land trust did not directly acquire in fee or under easement. Common examples include negotiating or preparing for acquisition by other organizations or agencies, or deed restrictions.


Chart 2

For state and local land trusts, acres protected by conservation easements account for 55% of all land conserved, while 13% of total land saved is owned by land trusts.

Chart 3

National land trusts conserved almost twice as much land as state and local land trusts, but the percentage of total land saved by state and local land trusts grew to more than a third of total acres protected in 2010, up from less than a quarter in 2000.

Chart 4

The Midwest region saw the greatest growth by percentage in acres conserved, with an 82% increase between 2005 and 2010. The Southwest saw the largest growth by the number of total acres conserved, with an additional 1.15 million acres protected between 2005 and 2010.

Chart 5

Chart 6


Chart 7

* Includes only land trusts that indicated they plan to actively pursue land or easement
acquisitions in 2011.

Chart 8

Respondents rated each land protection priority on a scale of extremely important, very important, somewhat important, slightly important, or not at all important. Ratings were not exclusive—for example, more than one land type could be rated “Extremely important.” In 2005 land trusts were asked to indicate only their primary land protection type.

Chart 9

*All budget values are in 2010 dollars, adjusted for inflation.


Chart 10


Chart 11



Chart 12

Chart 13


Chart 14

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