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2013 Individual Donors and Family Foundations

$250,000 and Above

Knobloch Family Foundation
Laural Foundation

$100,000 - $249,999

Anonymous (3)
Bobolink Foundation
Christopher and Sharon Davis
Shelby Cullom Davis Charitable Foundation, Inc.
The William and Mary Greve Foundation, Inc.

$50,000 - $99,999

Anonymous (2)
The Cabana Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Lauren B. Dachs
Michael P. Dowling
G.O. Forward Fund
Beedee and Ted Ladd
Mary McFadden and Lawrence Stifler
Frederic C. Rich

$25,000 - $49,999

Robert and Margaret Ayres
Alan F. Black
The Bromley Charitable Trust
Dr. A.S. Cargill
Jameson and Priscilla French
Mary W. Harriman Foundation
David Hartwell and Elizabeth DeBaut
Hollis Norris Fund
Sharpe Family Foundation
Tagney Jones Family Fund at the Seattle Foundation
Anna Marie and John E. Thron
Wiancko Family Donor Advised Fund of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
David and Susan Work

$10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous (4)
Lyn L. Anderson
Sue Anschutz-Rodgers
Alan M. Bell
John H. and Mary S. Birdsall Trust
The Butler Conservation Fund
Butler's Hole Fund at the Boston Foundation
Barbara David
William Howard Flowers, Jr. Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L.V. French
Judith A. Grandahl Family Foundation
Charles and Natasha Grigg
Marjorie L. Hart
Peter O. and Alice E. Hausmann
Mrs. Henry A. Jordan/Fieldstone 1793 Foundation
Penny Lewis
Fernando Lloveras San Miguel
Jim and Carolyn Millstein
John Muha
William C. Mulligan
Caroline Niemczyk
Michael and Barbara Polemis
Thomas and Ella Quintrell
Pamela and Michael Reese
RJM Foundation
Julie and Henry Sharpe III
Stevenson Family Charitable Trust
Wildlife Forever Fund
The Woods Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous (4)
Marilyn M. Ayres
Robert Blakely
Cashdan/Stein Great Grandmother Fund of the Vermont Community Foundation
Latta Chapman
Story Clark and Bill Resor
Cornelia Corbett
George M. Covington
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Croll
Warren and Zoann Little Dusenbury Charitable Trust
John and Deborah Evangelakos
Elizabeth H. and Irvine D. Flinn
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Flood
Fresh Sound Foundation
Sherry F. Huber
Kathy Keare Leavenworth
Henry Lord
Lydia S. Macauley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Marshall *
Miranda Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
Jean Nelson and Will Martin
William C. and Joyce C. O'Neil Charitable Trust
James H. Ottaway, Jr.
Marguerite Paul
Tom and Sally Reeve
Sedgwick Family Fund Part C2 at the Cleveland Foundation
Smikis Foundation
Rand and Sue Wentworth
Woodcock Charitable Fund

$1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous (4)
Mark and Susan Ackelson
Dr. Jay D. Addison on behalf of the Land Trust for Louisiana
Jay and Ellen Addison
Lucy Ambach/Sasco Foundation
Ole Amundsen III
Judy Anderson *
The Atticus Trust
George P. and Angel Z. Avery
Helen Harrison Ayer Charitable Fund
Betty Azar and Larry Harris
Barbera Deedy Family Fund
Timothy and Marjorie Barnard
Mrs. Anne H. Bass
Sylvia Bates and Thomas Masland
Matthew A. Baxter
Mita Bell
Matthew Bender IV
Peter and Sofia Blanchard
Bianco Family Fund
James and Elizabeth Bramsen
David Bradlee and Kathryn Gardow
Anne S. Brockenbrough
Magalen O. Bryant
The Bryant Crane Charitable Fund
Judy Buechner Advised Fund
The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation
Maria Elena Campisteguy
Elaine Walsh Carney
Thomas Chamberlin
Oliver Chanler
Daniel J. Cline
Debbie and David Craig
Charles H. Collins
David and Kristiane Cooper
Joan K. Davidson (The J.M. Kaplan Fund)
Jane A. Difley
Marylee and Charles Dodge *
Strachan Donnelley 2003 Charitable Trust
Mr and Mrs Wolcott B. Dunham, Jr.
EASTER Foundation/Anne and Fred Osborn III
Richard C. and Susan B. Ernst Foundation, Inc.
Robet Ettinger
Evergreen II
Timothy W. Evnin
Fanwood Foundation/West
Gene Faubel
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Finke
Marian Fisher
Ann Getchell
Michael and Cleo Gewirz
Nancy Gilbert
Gilbert-Wroten Fund
Celeste and Eric Grace
Sharon Goldsmith
Halle Family Foundation
Coke and James Hallowell
Hamill Family Foundation
Tony and Lynn Hitschler
Bill and Laura Hlavin
Alexander Host Foundation
Lucinda Hunt-Stowell
Mary Pope M. Hutson
Timothy A. Ingraham
Island Foundation
Orton P. Jackson, Jr.
Albert Joerger
Gary P. Johnson
Laura Johnson
John M. Kauffmann
Susan Kinsey
Herbert H. Kohl Charities, Inc.
Peg Kohring *
Larry Kueter
Glenn Lamb and Sue Knight
Susan Lang and Robert Levenson
Deborah Lans
Jeff Leon
Debbie Leonard, McDonald Carano Wilson LLP *
Cary F. Leptuck
Rob Levin *
James N. and Jane B. Levitt Charitable Fund
Konrad J. Liegel
C. Timothy Lindstrom
Meg and Bill Lloyd
Stephen Lockhart
Gretchen Long
Luke Family Charitable Account
Susan and Mayo Lykes
Erwin Maddrey
Gary and Karen Martin
The Mattson Family Conservation Foundation
James and Nancy McLaughlin
The Merlin Foundation
Meyer Memorial Trust
Jennifer Miller
Morgens West Foundation
John Morgridge
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Morrill
Stephen and Amanda Morris
The Mosaic Foundation of Rita and Peter Heydon
Namaste Foundation
Paul and Antje Newhagen Foundation / Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Donna and Bill Oliver
Lisa Palmer and Rob Aldrich
The Parker Foundation
Katherine Peake
Loveleen "Dee" Perkins
Mr. Edward N. Perry and Dr. Cynthia W. Wood
Louise Benz Plank
Porpoise Fund
John F. Pritchard
Pryor Family Fund
Red Crane Foundation
Jane Richard
Cary Ridder and David Alberswerth
Adena Rissman *
Richard G. Rockefeller
Christopher D. Roosevelt
Jonathan F.P. Rose
Christopher and Julie Sawyer
Eric R. Schumann
Eliot and Christine Scull
Leslie Setterholm Trust
Russell Shay and Debbie Sease
Simon Sidamon-Eristoff Fund
Carl Siemon Family Charitable Trust
William M. Silberstein, Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell LLP *
SK Foundation
Austin and Susan Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Smith
South Waite Foundation
Jennifer Speers
Judith Stockdale and Jonathan Boyer
Stephen W. and Lucinda Low Swartz
Philip Tabas, The Nature Conservancy *
Kenneth and Caroline Taylor Family Foundation
Amy and Steve Unfried
Timothy L. Vaill
James and Bonnie Van Alen
Tammara Van Ryn and Christopher Lincoln
Walker Family Foundation at the Seattle Foundation
Laurie Wayburn and Connie Best
Andy Weaver *
George A. Weymouth
Harold and Elizabeth White Fund
Edward B. Whitney Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Dickson L. Whitney, Jr.
Penelope Wilson
Don and Sally Wiper
Darrell and Callie Wood
Sarah W. Wood
Marsha McMahan Zelus
Jerry and Karen Zink
F. Anthony Zunino

$500 - $999

Anonymous (2)
D. Roy Alexander
Steve Apfelbaum *
Beard Family Charitable Trust
Robert Besanceney
William Biersach
Richard A. Brockelman
Barbara Brown
William Brown
Juliet Browne
Jennifer Browning *
Brian Bourdage *
Lester and Joyce Coleman
Bryan Colket
Gerrit Van S. Copeland
Peter H. Creighton
Steven Damuth
Gail Danto and Art Roffey
Andrew C. Dana
Sara Jane and William DeHoff
Stan and Betsy Dole
William and Nancy Doolittle
Susan L. Eslick
Jay and Lynne Espy
Sheldon Evans and Martha McMaster
Charles and Charlotte Faulkner
Belinda Faustinos
Mildred Fisher
Fleming Family Charitable Fund
Donald Frank
John and Sally Freeman
Don Gallo *
James Glasser
Charlotte Hanes
Whitney and Elizabeth Hatch
Steve Henkel *
Jean and Phil Hocker
Ms. Eleanor Illoway
Carter and Louise Jackson
Tom and Ann Kelsey Fund
Renee Kivikko
The Jacob and Minnie Kliman Foundation
Tom Kuplic *
Robert H. Levin
Carolyn and Jack Long
Cindy Madson
Bill and Carol Maloney
Ms. Noel Mann
Edith Manns
Donald McGrath
Nancy Powell Moore
Richard and Janice Nagler
Tom Nelson *
Richard Newton
Peter and Charlene Paden
C. W. Eliot Paine
D. Williams Parker
Joanne Holbrook Patton
Richard Penney
Judith Randal
Dave and Linda Reinke
Robert S. Rich
Heather and Kevin Richards
Joanna Dunn Samson
Brian and Maggie Schilling
Catherine Scott and Jamie Resor
Jennifer Sims
Alice Smith
Sorenson Family Foundation
Horton S. and Juliet S. Spitzer
Mary Stelletello *
Holmes and Didi Stockly
Julia Stokes
Wesley Sykes
N. Anthony Taylor and Sherryl M. Taylor
John Terrill II
The Gilbert Verney Foundation
Connie W. Waddington
Robert Wagner
Ian and Diane Walker
Dawn Watson
Bill and Mary Weeks
Michael B. Whitfield
Marilyn B. Wilson
Jeremy Wintersteen
Brad Wyche
Leslie Zachary

Under $500

Anonymous (6)
Thelma Achenbach
Emory Ackley
James A. Adams
Victoria Adams
Peggy Adelmann
Donna Aderhold
John Aeschlimann
Larry Agneberg
Catherine Agnew
Raul Aguirre
Bill Ailor
Douglas W. Albaugh
Danny Albert
Jim and Linda Aldrich
John R. Alexander
Susan Alexander
Ellis Allen
Frank and Christina Allen
Melanie Allen
Tom Aller
Ed Allgeier
Christpher Allmand
Bob Alspaugh
Gustavo Altieri
Shantia Anderheggen
Chet Anderson
Clifford Anderson
Laura Anderson
Laurie Andrews
Percy Angelo
Aquamarine Dock Builders
A. Joseph Armstrong, III
David Armstrong
William Arnold
Joshua Arnow and Elyse Arnow Brill
Karen Arsenault
Anne Arsenberg
Penny Asherman
Nancy Aten and Dan Collins
Ernie Atencio
Michelle Atwater
Phil and Carolyn Auger
Duncan Augustine
James V. Aukerman
Nathaniel Tucker Avorn
Amanda Azous
Richard Bachand
Tom Backer
Connie Backlund
Tom Bailey
Nancy Bain
Edward Baker and Anna van Heeckeren
Edwin Baker
Kim Baker
Madge Baker
George Bakken
Mark Balcom
David Baldus
Martha D. Baldwiin
Ballek's Garden Center
Mark Ballinger
Richard Bangs
Douglas H. Banker
Susan Barakat
Gentry Barden
Curtis Barker
Anne Barnes
Amy Barr
Larry Barrett
Bob Barrett and Linda Atkinson
Mary Barrie
Mike Bartolo
Melba Battin
Wendy P. Battisti
Patti Baumgardner
Dana Beach
Virginia Beach
Rayma Beal
Michael Beam
Barbara Beaumont
Katrina Becker
Edward O. Becker
Dave Beckett
Bruce Beckley
Douglas Beech
Allan Beek
Roderick and Julia Beer
Andrew Beers
Elizabeth Beeson
Allan Beezley
James J. Behan
Robert J. Bein
Gregory Belcamino
Hedrick Belin
Dorrance R. Belin
Jill Bemis
Jack Bennett
Tom and Cathy Berg
Thomas Berg
Cynthia Berger
Bob Berman
Carol Bernau
Paul Berry
Gregory Berry
Kathleen Best
Laurence Bettcher
Greg and Mary Bettencourt
George E. Bibbins, Jr.
Paul J. Bickel, III
W. Laurence Bicking
Bruce Biesman-Simons
Donald J. Bird
Paul Birdsall
Linda E. Bireley
Joanne Birge
David Ed Bishop
Jan Bitter
Margaret P. Blackmer
Kristian Blackwell
Lynn and Tom Blagden
Alison Blakeslee
Rob Bleiberg
Richard Bliss
Tom Bloomer
Heidi Blythe
Mr. and Mrs. Braye C. Boardman
Jim Bogner
David and Sandra Bojanowski
Adriana S. Bombard
Michael Bonanno
James Borawa
Peter Borgemeister
Ingrid M. Bostick
Joseph A. Bouchard
Robert Boudinot
Charles Bouril
Richard Bovender
Winston F. Bowen
Linda Bowers
R. Ted Bowers
Janis Bowman
Samuel A. Bowman
Hylah Boyd
Darby and Liisa Bradley
Jennifer Brady-Connor
Susan Bragstad
Bill Bramlette
Buddy Brand
Melanie Brandston
Robert S. Brandt
Zachary Branigan
Douglas M. Brattebo
Hunter Brawley
Robert Brayley
Larry Breakiron
Matthew Bredesen
Mason Brent
Kevin Breunig
Richard Brewer
Dea Brickner-Wood
David L. Bridges
George Bristol
Chris Brockmeyer
Arthur Brod
William Broderick
Herbert Bromberg
Abigail Brooks
Ben Brophy
Curtis L. Brown
Charla Brown
Janet Brown
Lisa Brown
Lloyd David Brown
Martin S. Brown, Jr.
Daniel P. Brown, Jr.
Kingsbury Browne
Pamela Brownell
Marilyn Bruneau
Roland and Joyce Bryan
Ellen Buchanan
Karen N. Budd
Bruce A. Bugbee
Jessica Bunker
John V. Burch
Childs Burden
Susan W. Burgess
Gilman S. Burke
Patrick Burke
Chris and Susie Burns
Richard Burns
Gale Bury
William A. Butler
Michele S. Byers
Nicole Byrd
Jim and Terry Byrnes
Dr. Cenie Cafarelli
Pat Caffrey
John W. Caffry
Adrian Cain
Norma Calhoun
Ryan Callahan
Jed Z. Callen
Dave Callsen
Bradley W. Cameron
Gloria Cameron
Christopher Campbell
Bruce I. Campbell and Beverly Evans
Connie Campbell
Dix Campbell
Kay Campbell
Matthew S. Campbell
John Cardamone
Paul J. Carlson
Robyn L. Carlton
Carol Laikin Carpenter
Margaret Carper
Willis Carpenter
Hugh Carr
Richard Carr
Seamus Carroll
Luther and Marsha Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Heyward T. Carter
Jane Carver
Norman Casas
Curtis K. Case
Kevin Case
Dr. Frank Casey
Diane and Roger Cass
David Cassard
Tom Cassidy and Joy Oakes
Eugene C. Ceglowski
John Chaffee
Peshie Chaifetz
Brad Chalfant
Lydia and Burnet Chalmers
W. Brendan Chambers
Charles Chancellor
John P and Martha W. Chandler
Katie Chang and Tolsun Waddle
Sheila Chanler
Charles M. Chapin
Gordon R. and Judith M. Chapin
Deborah Chapman
Ann J. Charters
Susanna Chatametikool
Mary P. Chatfield
Carl Chavez
Davis Cherington
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cheston
Francis Chiaramonte
Hope Childs
Graham Chisholm
Andrew T. Chmar
William Christ
Ann Christensen
Jenifer Christman
Warren Church
Clare Churchill
Nancy Cladel
Judy Clapp
Ben Clark
Caren  Clark
John and Barbara Clark
Debra L. Clausen
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Clay, Jr.
David Clement
Terry W. Clemons, Esq.
Bill Clough
E. Patrick Coady
G. William Coble
Bill Cochran
Anne Codey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coen
George H. Cofer, Jr.
Kelly Coffey
James Coffman
Allen Cohen
Russ Cohen
Sylvia Cohen
A.T. and Cinda Cole
Eric Cole
Beth Coleman
Dave Coleman
Gary Colley
Arthur M. Collings, III
Aimee Collins
Rudyard and Janet Colter
Kathryn Conant
Elmire Conklin
Phelps and Jean Connell
Tim Connell
Jack Connelly
Janet Conover
Douglas Conroe
Stephen F. Cook
Lawrence and Nancy Coolidge
Kathryn Cooper
Peter B. Cooper
Margo Copley
Dr. Anthony J. Costello
Tom Cotton
Kevin Cox
Lynn Cox
Phillip Cox
Nessly Craig
Kristine Crandall
Elizabeth S. Crane-Wexler
Jeff Cranor
Bill Cronon
David Crowe
Ken Crowell
Douglas Cruickshanks
Columbine Culberg
Dianne Culbertson
Brenda Cunningham
Gary A. Cunningham
Rane Curl
Laura A. Curliss, Esq.
Bradley Currey, Jr.
David S. Curry
Richard Curtis
Jim Cusker
Sally Cutler
Beau Daane
Pamela Daly
Alice D'Amico
Peter Dane
Eslick Daniel
Mary Daniel
Elysa P. Daniels
Thomas L. Daniels
Sharon J. Danosky
Richard and Elizabeth Darlington
Susan  Data-Samtak
Bryan David
John H. Davidson
Carl Davis
James W. Davis
Karen and David Davis
Lee Davis
Stephen A. Davis
Nan Davison
Mr. and Mrs. George De Garmo
Emmanuel DeAngelis
Mr. and Mrs. David Dearborn
Julie P. DeBold
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Decker
Michael DeCook
Pat Deering
Anthony and Ruth M. DeFeo
Stephen E. DeForest
Rob DeGraff
Stephan Deibel
Craig R. Denisoff
J. Philip Dennis
James DePew and Suzanne Tunney
Susan DeSilver
Sandy DeWalt
Jean Dewberry
Julian C. Dewell
Pam Dewell
Scott Dickerson and Janet Redfield
Rosalind Dickinson
Rebecca Dickson
Bob Dixon
Dee Dokken
Robert A. Dolson
Michael Domonkos
Dan Donahue
John D. Donnell
Sarah L. Dopp
Leo Dorr
Paul Doscher
Don Dott
Kerry Douglas
Harriet H. Dresher
Barbara J. Drew
Barbara Driscoll
Lee and Phoebe Driscoll
Francis Duchi
Thomas R. Duffus
John Dugdale
Nancy E. Duhnkrack
Nelia Dunbar
JoAnne Dunec
Terry Dunkin, MAI, SRA
Joel Dunn
Tom Duston
Richard Eales
Bill Eastman
Michelle Eaton
Wally Edge
Karen H. Edgecombe
Gary Edwards
Gregory Edwards
Tom Edwards
Paul Egeland
Bill Eisenhauer
Karen Eisenhauer
Heidi Eisenhour
Laura E. Eklov
Allison Elder
Lucy R. Ellett
Donye' L. Ellis
Jane Ann Ellis
Jim Ellis
Margaret K. Ellis
Michael Emery
James Engel
Dale B. Engquist
Diane Enright
Melissa Epple
David Epstein
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Erera
Suzanne Erera
John Erickson
Kent Erickson
Walter C. Ernest, IV
Hope Hilton, Esq.
Carol E. Evans
Gregory Evans
Lisa Evans
Sherri Evans-Stanton
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Evarts, Jr.
Douglas Evelyn
Patricia Ewing
Owen Fairbank
Andy J. Falender
Mary Joan Fales
Peter K. Fales
Linda Farina
Cary Fassler
Anne H. Faulkner
Ernie Fazekas
Stewart Fefer
Ron Feld
Meg Fellerath
Georgeanne Ferdun
John and Martha Ferger
Larry Ferguson
Phylis Ferrara
Paul Feusse
Rick Findlay
Carolyn Fine-Friedman
Clem Fiori
Troy Firth
Dick Fishburn
Frederick S. Fisher
Mike Fisher
Robert Fisher
Blair Fitzsimons
Joseph B.C. Fitzsimons
Dulcie Flaharty
David Flanagan
Kevin Flanagan
Sandra and John Flattery
Lorraine M. Fleming
Robert Jeffery Fletcher
Dale Flowers
David K. Floyd
James Fluck
Stephen Foland
Terrence Footer
Carl Ford
Matt Ford
Judith D. Forkner
Robert Forsberg
Frances Foster
Tad and Melissa Foster
David T. Foster-Bates
Steve M. Fowler
Cheryl A. Fox
Mary Franz
Kenneth A. Frato
Gerald K. Fredrickson
D.J. Freeman, M.D. and Mary Clare Freeman
Thomas Freese
Jim French
Thomas D. French
Steve Frillmann
Fred Joseph Frodyma
Heidi Fron
Aubury Fuller
Lou and John Furrer
Jennifer and Jay Fusco
Ben Gajewski
Robert R. Galloway
Liz Garst
John Garvey
Robin Garwood
Carlos Gavilondo
John D. Gavitt
Manny Genauer
Eugenie and Brad Gentry
Andy George
Richard and Mary George
Don Gerber
David De Ghetto
David Gibson
Bob and Debbie Gilbert
Charles Gilbert
Keith Giles
Kent Gilges
Leigh Girvin
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Givens
Bradley Glass
Charles F. Glass
Peter G. Glubiak
Anne Goertzen
Gail Goheen
Carol Goldberg
Ann Dudley Goldblatt
Ken Goldsmith
Debra Wolf Goldstein, Esq.
Greg Good
Thomas Goodlin
W.E. Goodman, III
Patricia Goodwin
Stephen W. Goodwin
Bob and Judy Gore
Thorne Gould
Edward Graham
Rodney Graham
Clive Gray
Jerry Gray
Daniel Greeley
Michael Green
Steve Green
Anthony and Joy Greene
Jean McBride Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Gregersen
Greg Greisman
Timothy Greisman
Laurel Gress
Tim Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffith
Shirley Louise Griffin
Jessica Grigg
Dennis Grimm
Andrew Gulya
William Gustafson
Paul Guyre
Margy Gwozdz
Martin R. Haase
Jonathan Haber
Linda Habig
Roger Habisreutinger and Marianna Black Habisreutinger
Lisa Hageman
Elizabeth and Maybank Hagood
Gordon Hall, III
Rebecca Hall
Reggie Hall
Michael Hallows
Susanne Goodman Hallstein
John V. Halsey
Richard Hamann
Janet Hammen
P.A. Hammond
Dr. Alan W. Haney
Noel Hanf
Joseph Hanggi, Jr.
Thomas R. Hanna
Heidi Hannapel
Greg Hansen
Thor Hanson
Betsy Hardy
Rob Hare
Rick and Dotti Foster
Kate Harper
Debra Harris
Elizabeth B. Harris
J.P. Harrison
James Hartford
David Hartig
Gregg Hartvigsen
Francis Harty
Larry Harvey
Richard Harvey
Heather Harwood
Carol N. Hassell
Wilmot R. Hastings
Anthony Haswell
Henry Hatch
Susan Hatch
Dana Hauck
Dr. Carolyn R. Haugen
Samuel Hawkey
Sherry S. Hawley
Thomas J. Hawley
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hecht
Sue Heffron
Mary Heganbarth
Grant Heiken
Jim Heinrich
Franz Heinzerling
Laurie L. Heiss
Merritt R. Helfferich
Hannah Helm
Barbara L. Hennig
Alan Hershey
Terry Hershey
David Herships
David L. Herzer
Robert Hess
Lisa Heyward
Karen Hibbard
Gary A. Hickcox
Alice Hicks
George Hildenbrandt
Richard S. Hill
Harvey Himelfarb
William Hindman, Jr.
Dorothy Hinkle-Uhlig
Christine Hodgson
Tom Hoff
Harriet P. Hofheinz
Larre and Suzanne Hoke
Frank Holleman
Scott Holley
William E. Holman
Gaylord C. Holmes
Peggy S. Holton
Katelyn Homeyer
Lyle Hood
Henry W. Hooker
James L. Hoover
Daniel Hope, III, Ed.D.
Alix W. Hopkins
Giles Hopkins
Patti Hopkinson
John Hopper
Dennis and Sharon Hopwood
Mary Horgan
Stewart Horn
Bill Horne
Peggy Horner
Stephanie Horton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Horwitz
Wendy Hosman
Ken Hotopp
Charles Royce Hough, III
Susan Houston
Daniel J. Houston
Charles Howard
William T. Howard
David M. Howe
Tom Howe and Sarah Thorne
Jeff and Linda Howey
Lila Sheffield Howland
Douglas R. Hoyt
Ev Hoyt
J. Mitchell Hoyt
Krista Hozyash
Laura Hromadka
Karen A. Huber
Elizabeth C. Hucker
Carol Turnbull Hughes
Robert A. Hughes
John P. Humphrey
Jan and Stan Hunewill
Paula Hunker
Alice Hurd
Mrs. Henry C. Hutson
Nancy S. Hyde
Richard C. Hyde
Audrey Hyson
David and Beverly Ingalls
Kenneth Ingham
Thomas E. Ireland
Ironwood Foundation
Anthony Irving
Francisca P. Irwin
Jane T. Iselin
Michael Italiaander
Jane M. Jackson
Peter Jacobs
Rolf (Jake) Jacobson
Jennifer D. Jaffe
Toini Lefren Jaffe
William Janeway
Kathleen Janick
Glenn C Janss
Rebecca Janssens
Jessica Jay
Arthur Jeannet
Dennis Jedlinksy
Anna S. Jeffrey
Howard Jelks
Nan Jenks-Jay
Rebecca Reed Jewett
Tom Jilek
Arlyne Johnson
Julian Johnson, III
Leonard Johnson
Marlin Johnson
Peggy B. Johnson
Peter Johnson
William F. Johnson
Walker Johnson
Robert Alan Jonas
Beth and Phil Jones
Cassie Jones
Daniel Jones
Margery Josephson
Rosemary and John Joyce
Elizabeth Juliano
P. Michael Jung
June R. Kachtik
Melissa Kalvestrand
Peter and Jacalyn Kamenstein
Anderson Kane
Cap Kane
Nan Kaplan
Linda Karz
Mark Kassis
Richard Kattelmann
Juniper Katz
Michael A. Katz
Margaret Kavookjian
Tom Kay
Leroy Kean
William Keese
George Kegley
Julie Kelleher-Stacy
Laura Keller
Robert K. Keller, Jr.
Stephen Kelley
Charles Kellogg, II
Daniel S. Kellogg
Christopher  Kelly
Rita Kelly
Scott Kelly
Tom Kelsey
John Kendall
Peter Kennel
Dan Kenney
Thomas Kester
Jonathan and Judy Keyes
Timothy C. Keyser, J.D.
Constance Kheel
Jim Killough, III
Richard A. Kimball Jr.
George D. Kimberly, Jr.
Donald Kimmel
Susan Kinde
Jean King
Henry Lewis Kingsley
Gary Kirkbride
Andrew Kirkpatrick
Robert C. Kirkwood
John Kittross
Jane Klein
Susan Klein
Kathleen Kleinman
Susan Klem
John Knapp
Ronald G. Knapp
Ron Knipling
Mary Knipper
Chad Knisely
Paul E. Knoop, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Knowlton
Peg Kohring
Frank Kolbert
Kipen Kolesinskas
Lauri Korinek and Mark Weston
Jen Kostyniuk
John R. Kozak
Laura Kracum
Mark Kraemer
Angie Krall
John Kramer
Jolie Krasinski
Robert M. Krasne
Robert Kraus
Bonnie Kreitler
Jay Kriegel
Betsy Kruse
Alice J. Kubler
Jack Kueneman
Armond and Ione Kueter
Mary Margaret Kuhn
Erik Kulleseid
Lars Kulleseid
Linwood Kulp, Jr.
A.J. Kuntze, II
Donna Kuroda
Jason Kurtz
Jack Kussmaul
Marion and Neil Kyde
Linda P. Labaree
Mr. and Mrs. R. James Lafferty
Richard Lahn
Kathryn Lamka
Bill and Marty Lamm
Brenda Lammers
Douglas Land
Richard B. Lander
Buddy Lane, Jr.
Peggy Laney
Tony Langbehn
Marlena F. Lange
Holly Hausermann Langer
Robert Lannon
Cornelia W. Lanou
John Larkin
Roger B. Larochelle
Matthew Larrabee
Douglas Larson
Judy Larter
Kathryn Lasher
Sam Laverack
Steven H. Law
M.O. and Regina Lawrence
Richard Lawrence
Susan H. Lawrence
William Lawrence
Cynthia Lawson
John W. Lea
Charles and Joan Leach
Mark T. Ledger
Robert E. Lee
Russell V. Lee
Barbara Joan Leen
James L. Leet
Carol LeFevre
Paul Lehman
Jim Lentowski
Sara Leonard
Michael D. Leonhart
Cary F. Leptuck
Ann LeRoyer
Esther Lev
The Claire B. and Lawrence Levine Philanthropic Fund
Harry and Ellen Levine
Robin and Barb Levine-Ritterman
Mark A. Levy
John Lhost
Phil Lidov
Stan Lilley
Virginia Lincoln
Christopher Lindell
Steve Lindeman
Katherine Linder
Tom Lindstrom
Mark Linnemann
Louise Lintilhac
Wallace S. Lippincott, Jr.
Lois Lippmann
Susan and Robert Lloyd
Bill Long
Robert and Holly Longatti
Barry Lonik
Bonnie Lee Loop
Tara H. Lord
Jennifer Lorenz
Pingree W. Louchheim
Hunter G. Louis
Patti Lousen
Cathie Love
Jan Lovell
Jane Low
Lynn Lozier
George S. Lucas
Carl Lueck
Paul Lumia
Pat Lundholm
Lloyd Van Lunen
John and Susannah Lunt
T. Cartter Lupton, II
Lois Lutz
Michael Lyons
Vaughn Maatman
Tom MacCowatt
Bruce MacDonald
David MacDonald and Caroline Pryor
Doreen MacGillis
Colette Machado
Sheila Mackintosh
Mark Madsen
Bernice C. Maertz
Joseph Maier
Brenda and Brian Mainwaring
Kathryn Makley
Bill and Carol Maloney
Stephanie Manes
John Mangimeli
C.M. Mann
Russell Marane
Michael Marcus
David Marell
Tony Margherita
Bob and Nancy Marshall
Jeffrey Marshall
Tina and Ron Marshall
Audrey G. Martin
Douglas Martin
Janice Martin
Steven Martin
Jeff Martinka
Karen Martynick
Mr. and Mrs. Joel W. Marx
Jean and Claudio Marzollo
Mary and Ted Mascott
Mary N. Masland
Steven J. Mason
Jane H. Mason
Shelly Mason
Suzy Van Massenhove
Jody Mastroeni
Sandra Mataronas
Joselin Matkins
Jim Matteson
Leslie Mattson
Dorothy Matz
Fred Mauhs
Gordon T. Maupin
Emily McAlister
Douglas McBride
Gordon McBride
Brian R. McCaffrey
Wendy Lee McCalvy
Judith McCandless
Bill McCarten
Marie McCarty
Christine McCauley
Susan Althea McCombe
Kathleen McCormick
Maxwell L. McCormack, Jr.
Michele McCormick
William C. McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. Dennie McCrary
Nancy McCrohon
Kristen McDonald
Steven McDonald
Ann Van McDuffie
Kevin McEvoy and Barbara Epstein
Lorna McEwen
Elizabeth McGee
Joseph A. McGovern
Mark and Mary McGrath
Sarah McGraw
Gregor I. McGregor, Esq.
Beth McGuinn
Gail McGuire
Maurie McGuire
Nancy McHale
Palmer Smith McIntyre
John McKay
Cindy McKean
Gwen McKee
Leigh Mckee
Tim McKenna
Patricia McKinlay
Eben McLane
Stephen F. McLaughlin
Edward McMahon
Gayle McMichael
Rick McMonagle
Dr. F. Arthur McMorris, PhD
Paul McNair
Linda McNulty
Ian Brooks McSweeney
Robert McVearry
Barbara Mead
Sam Means
George and Sue Mehler
Nanacy Merrill and George Horner
Peter L. Merriman
Myrtle Merritt
John Mersfelder
Dwight Messinger
Edgar Meyer
Judy Meyer
Paul E. Meyer
Shannon S. Meyer
Susan Meyer
Susanna Meyer
Suzanne Meyerson
Marilyn L. Michalski
Michael E. Mickelson
Edward J. Miesen
Jeffrey C. Milder
Carl E. Miller
Clint and Patty Miller
James Michael Miller
Mary Miller
Paul Miller
Paul J. Miller
Steve Miller
Susan Miller
Thomas A. Miller
Wendy Millet and Rob Trice
Elizabeth Mills
Gay Mills
Demetrice Avadice Mills, Sr.
Helen Mills and Gary Tannenbaum
Beth Miner and Ranlet Miner Jr.
Martin Miskell
John B. Mitchell
Caroline Mohai
Michael and Carol Monnin
Ginevera Moore
Jonathan W. Moore
Kenneth Moore
Mary and David Moore
Teresa Moore
Richard Morgensen
Deborah Morin
Thomas Morley
Holly Morris
Jeff Morris
Larry and Tina Morris
Susan B. Morris
Molly K. Morrison
Susan C. Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Egbert Most
Dick Mountfort
John Mouw
Joan Moye
Nathan Moyer
L. Taylor Mudge
Janet Muir
Lee  Mulligan
Carol Munro
Anne K. Murphy
Betsy and John Murphy
Wendy Murphy
Christy L. Muse
C. Twiggs Myers
Richard Nass
Heidi Natura
Pat Naugle
Jim Neal
Larry and Janet Neeley
William Neil
John H. Nelson
Judith Nelsen
Marianne Nelson
Merlin Nelson
Sara Neubauer
Sarah Neuse
Arthur Newbold, IV
Claudia Newbold
Scott Newman
Tasha Newman
Jean and Peter Van Nice
Kenwood C. Nichols
Pam and Rich Nicholls
Wendy Nicholas
Patti Nicholson
Dean and Carol  Ninteman
Wendy Ninteman
Tori Nobles
Trey G. Noland
Patrick F. Noonan
Mr. and Mrs. John Norbeck
Peter North
Edward P. Norvell
John K. Notz, Jr.
Ron Novak
Rebecca Nystrom
Elizabeth Adair Obenshain
Patricia and Edward O'Brien
Dennis O'Connell
Jim O'Connell
Roy O'Connor
Mary Kay O'Donnell
Sue Ohanian
Linda Olejko
Bea Olsen
George Olsen and Ellen Vogelsong
Beth Olson
Lori Olson and Noland Martin
Margo Bloom Olson
Marion Olson
Paul Olson
Ryan Alexander Olson
Michael and Lauren O'Malley
Gordon Oney
Sharon Oriel
Larry Orman
Marilyn Ortt
Vals Osborne
Lisa W. Ott
Sheri Overall
Ray Owen
Hon. Jean Packard
Cindy Packett
Tom Page
Ophelia T. Paine
Peter S. Paine, Jr.
Ward and Mary Paine
Rusty Painter
David Pais
Carl P. Palmer
Jonathan F. Panek
Gary R. Papke
Kathleen Pappalardo
Cynthia Parillo
Robert Parker
Tom Parsell
Philip D. Paschall, Esq.
Eva Patten
Barbara Patton
Rebecca L. Patton
Brad A. Paymar
Kirsten Peckerman
Joanna Pellerin
Gregory D. Penkowsky
Mary M. Penney
David Perera
Renny Perez
Jen Perga
Sonia and Adam Perillo
Jean Perin
Rufus Perkins
Edwin Perry
Norman Petermeier
The Peterson Family
Chuck Pettis
Dale B. Bonar, Ph.D.
Craig Phelps
James Phillippi
J. Dickson Phillips
Travis R. Phillips
Mary Anne Piacentini
James R. Pick
Daniel E. Pike
Thomas and Lys Mclaughlin Pike
Luciana Pirani
Teresa Pisano
Andrew Plucinski
Jane Poehler
Mary L. Pollard
Karin F. Marchetti-Ponte
Robert H. Poole
William Pope
Dan Port
Cathy Porter
Lois Porter
M.K. Porter
William and Jan Portman
Rick Potter
Edward Power
Thomas J. and Cindy L. Praisner
Sara Press
Katharine Preston
David Preston
James Pribyl
Margaret Price
Glenn Prickett
Jane Prohaska
Samuel F. Pryor, III
Teresa Ptacek
Alfred Purrington
Lucy Quimby
Lola Quinlan
Colin and Erin Quinn
Robert R. Quinn
John Rafferty
Marcia Raley
Laura De Ramel
Anne Randolph
William Raney
Haywood Rankin
Patricia Rathmann
Leslie Ratley-Beach
Rudolph S. Rauch
Leigh Raymond
Martha Raynolds
Bertram and Clare Read
Sarah Reding
Keith Reed
Robert Reed
Jerry Reese
Layton L. Register
Carole Reichardt
Jonathan Reily
Thomas J. Reimers
Katharyn D. Reiser
Barbara Reisman
William Reller
Cade Rensink
Rebecca Rettmer-Sagara
Robert Reuter
Donna G. Rhee
Myra Rhoades
Ann F. Rhoads
Robert Rhodes
Julia Riber
B.K. Richard
Elizabeth H. Richardson
Katharine Richardson
Sarah Richardson
Gavin Ricklefs
Heidi Riedle
Joanne Riester
John Rimel
Bettina K. Ring
Mary Roberts
Andy Robinson
Arley Robinson
Clay Robinson
Kate Robinson
Elena Robson
Ken Roby
Charles E. Roe
Kelly and Scott Rollison
Chad Ronchetti
Valerie S. Roof
Katherine Roome
Matthew Root
Ron and Susan Rope
Mark J. Rosch
Paul Rose
Steven Rosenberg
John Rosenthal
William Roshak
Barbara Ross
John D. Ross
Vince Ross
David Rossetter
Laura Rothschild
Jean F. Rowley
Sharon and Irwin Rubin
Isabelle R. Rudisill
Noel Rueff
Joe Ruf
Rebecca Ruffner
Amelia and Walter Rugland
Susie and John Ruhl
Richard Ruhland
Amelia Sweets Runyon
Ruth A. Runzheimer
R. Anthony Rupp, III
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Russell
Elisabeth Russell
Gordon A. Russell
Joel Russell
Susan P. Rust
Robert Rutemoeller
Theresa Ryan
Noha Ryder
Trudy Van Ryn
Brent R. Rystrom
Honor Fox Sage
Tod Salisbury
Karen and Donald Samdahl
Kirk Samelson
Gerard Santoro
Claude Sappington
Christina Sargent
Ross Satterwhite
Lisa B. Saunders
Eric Savetsky
William W. Scales
Warren Schacter
Molly Schaefer
Nancy Schaefer
Tom Scharffenberger
Thomas Scheffey
Dolores Reynolds Schiesel
Chris Schimmoeller
Dan Schlager
Timothy Schmidt
William A. Schmidt
Carl H. Schmitt
Steve Schnee
Mitchell Schneider
Betsy Schnorr
Linda Schroeder
Roger Stephen Schultz
Truman D. Schultz
Elinor Schwartz
Roy Schwarz
Stu Schweizer
Dean Scofield
Barbara Seaman
Jan J. Seiler
Deborah Sellers
Doug Sensenig
Jon Seymour
Melissa Nagel Shackford
Nancy Shapiro
John Shardlow
Ken Shawcroft
Mac Shelton and Frauke Rynd
Margaret M. Sherman
Sylvia Sherman
Sam Shine Foundation
William Shivers
Jennifer Shuey
Joanne Shuman
Sister Pat Sigler
Bill Silberstein
Lorinda Silverstein
Leroy H. Simkins, III
Britt Simmons
Jennifer Simpson
Steve Simpson
Steve and Jane Sinton
Tim Sisson
James W. Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smart
David C. Smith
Donald Willits Smith
Grant Smith
Howard W. Smith, MD
J. MacAlpine Smith
Kenneth Smith
Kevin D. Smith
Langhorne B. Smith
Marilyn Smith
Melinda Smith
Nathaniel T. Smith
Peter N. Smith
Richard Smith
Susan W. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Snapp
George Snell
Paul Snyder
Lisa Sohn
Johanna Sokolov
Christina R. Soto
Frederick Sowers
Douglas Spieles
Lana and Bob Spillman
Hal Sprague
Brian Sprenger
Bruce Spring
Toby D. Sprunk
Cyrus Spurlino
Howard Stacey
David Stancil
Jim Stanley
Gretchen Starke
Jeremy Stash
Hank Stebbins
Judith S. Steckler
Meg Steele
Charity W. Steere
Adrienne Stefan
Susan Steinwall
Joanne Stellini
Mariel Stephenson
Martha Stephenson
Ken Stern
Roger Sternberg
Betsy T. Stevens
Kenneth A. Stewart
Scott J. Stewart
John Stitzlein
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Stokes
Diane Stone
Tim Stone
Priscilla Storm
Tom Stouffer
Jerrold Stout
Joe Stout
Peter S. Strawbridge
Louise Strayhorn
Bertram and Lynne Strieb
Michael Jay Strigel
Esther D. Stroh
Sarah Strommen
Beth Sullivan
Paul Sundmark
Brad Suster
Nancy W. Sutherland
Lee L. Swanstrom
Jeffery E. Swinehart
Anne Symmes
Pringle Symonds
Andrew Brown Szwak
Laura Szwak
Philip Tabas
Rick Tague
John and Susan Talbot
Nelson Talbott Foundation
Peter J. Talty
Virginia Tate
John Tautin, Jr.
Bud Taylor
Carole J. Taylor
Dijit Taylor
Edith Taylor
Kristin Taylor
Margie Taylor
Mike Taylor
Ravenna Taylor
Robert E. Taylor
Henry Tepper
Sherry Teresa
Michael Testa
William R. Thauvette
Linda Thoma
Bob Thomas
Carol Thompson
Janet Thompson
Judy Thomson
Paul Thompson
Sally Thompson
Becky Thornton
Frank and Nina Thorp
Barbara Thrasher and Rick Koffey
Marilyn and Marc Thwaits
Patricia S. Ticer
Barbara Tidd
Elise Tillinghast
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Tilt, III
Patty Tipson
Tom Tisch
Chuck Toal
Irving "Skip" G. Tolette
Lyle Toohey
Janis Torrey
Maria Trabka
Jennifer T. Trachtman
Richard Treat
Stephen Trimble and Joanne Slotnik
Carol Lynn Trocki
Amy Trujillo
Nancy Tucher
Wallace Tucker
Mary Tufts
Jeannette and Jamie Tuitele-Lewis
Dori Turner
Stuart Turner
Humphrey Tyler
Joanne Tyler
Sidney F. Tyler
Arlene Urquhart
Thelma Valdez
Tracy Valentine
Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Paul Valles
James and Bonnie Van Alen
Kevin Van Bueren
Rick Van De Poll
Col Caroline Van Mason
Peter Vandervelde
Irene Van Slyke
Samantha L. Vanstrom
Dinah F. Verby
John Vickery
Randy Vincent
Richard Viohl
Kristie Virgoe
Robert Virnstein
Greg Vital
Carolyn A. Vogel
Carolyn Voter
Jeptha Wade
Bruce Wagner
Robert B. Wakefield
Carolyn Waldron
Doris Walker
Kari Walker
Michelle Walker
Stevenson Walker
George Wallace
Louise Wallace
James Walpole
Janet Wantland
Janet J. Ward
Kathleen Ward
Laurel Ward
William Warden, IV
Lisa Wardlaw
Louise Warner
Stephanie Warren
Anna Bell Washburn
Christopher Washburn
William Wasserman
George Watkins
Richard Watkins
Warren Watkins
Glennon Watson
Erin and Heath Van Waus
Diana Weatherby
Benjamin Webb
David Webb
William Webb
Magill Weber
Mary and Bill Weber
Don Weden
Julie Weeks
Mary M. Wehle
Judith Wehrle
Laurence Weinberg
Richard and Clare Weinberg
Ralph Weindling
Marc Weingarten
Jonathan B. Weller
Georgia Welles
Margaret Welsch
Melvyn Wenger
Marilyn and Robert Wentworth
Anne Westerman
Ronald Weston
Peter Westover
Garry Weybright
Rick Weyerhaeuser
Margaret K. Wheeler
James V. White
Gail White
Elizabeth Whitmore
Gary Whitney
Frederick W. Whitridge
Jay Widman
Clay Widmayer
Wendy Wiedner
Keith Wiggers
Leah Wilcox
Vickey Wile
J. Tracy and Barbara M. Wilkerson
Helen Wilkes
Gary Williams
Jeff Williams
John W. Williams
Mary Ellen Williams
Robert Williams
Ross Williams
Thomas B. Williams
Allison Willingham
Jennifer Williamson
John Willis
Randolph Willoby
Ridley Wills, II
Leonard Wilson
Louise Currey Wilson
Mary C. Wilson
Mary W. Wilson
Sara B. Wilson
Shirley S. Winer
Anne and Ethan Winter
Frederic and Susan Winthrop
Mary Withington
Robert Witkowski
David Witmore
Stephen Wittmann
Frank Wojciechowski
Dick J. Wollmar
Karen Wood
Jim Wright
Minturn Wright, III
Ruth Wright
J.A. Wunderlich, III
Mary Jane Wurster
Cynthia Wyatt
Sandra Wyatt
C. Thomas Wyche
Lois J. Wyman
Alison Young
Bradford O. Young
Fred Young
Travis Young
David Younkman
Sally Zaino
John Zaloudek
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Zaykowski, Jr.
Charlie Zearfoss
Andrew E. Zepp
Bart Zerfas
Fred Ziegler
Stuart Ziehm
T. Price Zimmermann
Joan Zimmett
Dr. Cynthia A. K. Zins
Barry Zipperman
Lloyd P. Zuckerberg

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