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Statement from the Friends of New York's Environment on Governor Cuomo's Executive Budget

January 22, 2013 | Friends of New York's Environment | Albany, NY


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Encouraging Proposal for Environmental Protection Fund


ALBANY, NY -- The Friends of New York's Environment, a broad partnership of more than 100 environmental, public health, agricultural, recreational and urban stakeholder groups, released the following statement
regarding Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s 2013‐14 Executive Budget:

“After several challenging budgets, the Friends of New York’s Environment is pleased that Governor Cuomo included a $153 million investment for the state’s Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) in his 2013‐14 Executive Budget, representing a $19 million increase over last year’s budget level. While we look forward to learning more details of how this will be achieved, this proposal is an encouraging start, and represents a down payment on the commitment the Governor made recently to strengthen the EPF. With his actions today, the Governor clearly understands the important role these programs play in environmental protection and economic prosperity, as well as disaster recovery and preparedness.

“And when it comes to the EPF, what’s good for the environment is also good for the state’s economy. According to a recent study by the Trust for Public Land, EPF programs deliver a $7 return for every $1 invested, which translates into a stronger New York.

“We recognize that our state is not fully recovered from the fiscal challenges that confronted us in the last few years. While New York’s economy is still rebuilding, we’re encouraged that the Governor has proposed new investments in the environmental programs that will help move our state forward. During the coming legislative session and in future budget years, we will continue to urge the Governor to implement policies that support the EPF and enhance funding for these programs. In the meantime, the Friends of New York’s Environment look forward to working with Governor Cuomo and the Legislature to achieve this critical investment in New York’s environment and economy this budget season.”


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