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"Conservation Can't Wait" Campaign Launched

February 2009 | Vermont

The Vermont Land Trust has launched a “Conservation Can’t Wait” campaign in response to Governor Douglas’s recent 2009 budget proposals that eliminate conservation funding.

Right now, Vermont has the opportunity to protect 40 high quality farms and thousands of acres of forestland. Protecting family farms and forests means producing local food, creating jobs, and adding cash into our economy. Protecting our farms and forests is key to our energy future, water quality, public health, food security and our quality of life. When the opportunity to protect land comes along, the chance may never come again.

-Watch the Vermont Land Trust “Conservation Can’t Wait” Video Series on YouTube >>

-Visit the Vermont Land Trust website for more information on the campaign >>



Other  Additional news on this subject was featured on Here's an excerpt:

Gov proposes cutting VT's effective conservation program completely
By: Elise
Wed Jan 28, 2009 at 11:28:56 AM EST

Here we go again... last week the Governor proposed a budget eliminating permanently affordable housing development efforts and completely eliminating conservation investments that boost our working land economy.

The Governor proposes a 70% reduction to the Vermont Housing and Conservation Budget on top of a series of cuts over the past seven years that had already meant a more than $30 million loss.


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