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GI 201: Implementing Green Infrastructure at Multiple Scales

Shepherdstown, WV

Date: September 9, 2013

Host: The Conservation Fund

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This course provides participants with applications and techniques for the implementation of green infrastructure at multiple scales. Building off GI 101: Strategic Conservation Planning Using a Green Infrastructure Approach course, this course will examine the next steps for on-the-ground implementation of green infrastructure focusing on how to obtain a maximum return-on-investment so that projects are streamlined and delivered at least cost, while retaining the viability of the network.

The four-day course highlights leadership and stakeholder engagement, financing and network management, legal and regulatory issues, and support tools for the optimization of the decision-making process. Hear from expert green infrastructure practitioners as they discuss lessons learned on creating success and overcoming challenges, explore trends in implementation from urban to regional scales, and learn about the latest applications of green infrastructure as related to climate change, water, transportation, and ecosystem services.

Continuing education credits available!

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