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Alliance Grants

Guided Organizational Assessment Cost-Share Grant
Deadline: none

These cost-share grants of $1,000 to $2,000 (which require the recipient land trust to contribute in the range of $250-$1500, depending on complexity,) will be awarded for professional assistance from Alliance staff or counselors for guiding an Organizational Assessment. Remember that a requirement for Accreditation is an Organizational Assessment against the full Land Trust Standards and Practices within three years prior to applying for accreditation. The assessment process helps the land trust evaluates its performance, determine its conformance to Land Trust Standards and Practices' operational procedures, and identifies areas needed in program improvement to qualify for accreditation.  Contact us for more detailed information about guided Organizational Assessments and our cost-share grants and available counselors to guide the assessment process. Download the application.


Land Trust Program Improvement Grant
Deadline: none

These cost-share grants (reduced this year to no more than $2,500, until such time when the Land Trust Alliance may secure new funding resources,) will be awarded to help land trusts selected for the Mentoring Program, improve their operational proficiencies based on priority needs identified by assessments of their operational Standards and Practices. They are primarily intended to help land trusts advance to higher levels of conservation program excellence and to prepare themselves for Land Trust Accreditation. Outcomes of these grants are for enhancement of the land trust’s operations and land protection/stewardship programs to bring them in closer adherence to Land Trust Standards and Practices.  Contact us for more detailed information about our Mentoring Program and associated cost-share agreements. Download the application.


Regional Grants

Healing Our Waters Grant Program
Deadline: None (grants are given on a first come, first served basis.)

The goal of the Healing Our Waters grants program is to provide financial support that will aid in the development and implementation of Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and other Federal proposals or projects with awards up to $15,000. Learn more. (posted 8/6/12)


Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Grants
Deadline: none

With support from the USDA Forest Service, the Massachusetts Urban and Community Forestry Program now offers an Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Grant. These are 50-50 matching grants offered to municipalities and non-profit groups in Massachusetts communities of all sizes for the purpose of building local capacity for excellent urban and community forestry at the local and regional level. This grant offering is not a new grant, but a combination of our previous grant opportunities (Mass ReLeaf, Planning and Education, and Heritage Grants). We have changed the format in an effort to streamline the grant process for applicants and better target our limited resources. View application details.

More than $7.5 Million Available in Great Lakes
Deadline: Always open

Land trusts and public agencies in the eight-state Great Lakes basin can apply to The Conservation Fund for interim funding to purchase land or conservation easements to protect coastal and freshwater sites of high ecological significance. Application forms are available from Michael Kelly, Great Lakes Office, The Conservation Fund, PO Box 734, Bay City, MI 48707, 989-892-9171, fax: 989-892-9172,


Master's Degree Scholarship Opportunity
Little Traverse Conservancy – Thomas C. Bailey Scholarship at Michigan State University
Deadline: none

An endowed scholarship at Michigan State University may be of interest to graduate students interested in working in the land conservation field.  The scholarship, created in honor of the work of the Little Traverse Conservancy, is intended to attract students and practicing professionals with undergraduate backgrounds in fields such as Landscape Architecture; Horticulture; Parks, Recreation and Tourism Resources; Human Environment and Design; and Architecture.  Students from other backgrounds are encouraged to inquire about their qualifications for admission. The Master’s degree is intended to provide students with skills useful in land conservation work.   

The scholarship was established by John Campbell, longtime trustee of the Little Traverse Conservancy, and was inspired by his work with longtime LTC executive director Tom Bailey. Candidates will be screened and selected by MSU, and anyone interested as a candidate for the scholarship should contact Professor Warren Rauhe at the MSU School of Landscape Architecture, 517-432-0704, e-mail or .


National Grants

ARRA Stimulus Opportunities for Coastal Habitat Enhancement, Restoration and Improvement and Partners for Fish and Wildlife Programs
Deadline: various

The following are two new programs being administered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  The maximum grant amount for each program is $25,000.
Recovery Act - Coastal
Recovery Act - Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program


Norcross Wildlife Foundation Loan Fund for Land Protection
Deadline: Always open

In an effort to facilitate the land conservation work of grassroots organizations across the country, The Norcross Wildlife Foundation is offering a rare source of financial support. Loans are available for the purpose of acquiring interests in land that contains priority wildlife habitat. View more information.

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