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Terrafirma RRG LLC Inaugurated Its Leadership Committee

March 14, 2012 | Washington, D.C.

Terrafirma Risk Retention Group has a leadership committee known as the Members Committee. The eight regional representatives serving on the Members Committee represent the owner member land trusts of Terrafirma, are responsible for setting policy and strategic direction and provide specific oversight functions for Terrafirma. A ninth representative fills the residency requirement for the insurance regulators.

Please feel free to call or write to the representative in your region for anything relating to Terrafirma, or write or call Leslie Ratley-Beach, Land Trust Alliance Conservation Defense Director at or 802-262-6051.

Land trusts must respond affirmatively to 13 eligibility questions to participate in Terrafirma. Accredited land trusts are automatically eligible. The Alliance has practical suggestions and solutions to common difficulties in the eligibility details information piece.

Want a dollar discount on each Terrafirma Premium? A webinar on key concepts in risk management for land trusts on April 10 and 12, 3:00-4:00 pm ET fulfills the requirements for the Terrafirma insurance dollar off discount on each property premium only if the attendee is a member of the land trust’s board of directors, senior management or departmental director. Participants should attend one session only.
Conference: 1-888-450-5996
Participant Code: 933095 Login:

Remember that the base premium before any discounts is $60 per property. Accredited land trusts automatically receive an $11 discount. Discounts are also available for land trusts that meet certain good practices. View the Terms and Conditions for more details.

If you have not looked at the application and insurance policy, they are available on the Alliance website, and the summary explains the various sections. If you have any questions or comments please call or write to me.

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Christian Freitag, attorney-at-law and executive director at Sycamore Land Trust (IN), says "I view Conservation Defense Insurance as another step the land trust community is taking to keep our promises. We claim that we will help people protect their land in perpetuity. With this program, the public can be more confident than ever that we take that commitment seriously."


Greg Gamble, executive director at Ojai Valley Land Conservancy (CA), says that "this is one of the most helpful things that the Land Trust Alliance could attempt for its members, and I have greatly appreciated the professional, thoughtful, fair and inclusive process that you have led."


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