Program Documents

Program Terms and Conditions

Final Terms and Conditions (PDF, 136KB)

Summary of Terms and Conditions (Word, 712KB)

How do I commit?

Commitment Letter (Word, 71KB) – sign up to commit your land trust

What is conservation defense insurance?

Conservation Defense Insurance Summary (Word, 504KB) – overview of the threats to permanence, program benefits, captive insurance background, and program feasibility, structure and terms

Exploring Conservation Defense Insurance: Considerations for Board Members (Word, 713KB) – a brief overview of the program goals, endowments for defense and costs

Program principles and priorities (Word, 327KB)

Special Issues for Land Trusts with Large Portfolios (Word, 382KB)

IRS Requirements (Word, 173KB)

How does the program work?

Download a PowerPoint about the program (PowerPoint, 727KB)

Example of possible application of how Conservation Defense Insurance might work (Word, 349KB)

Evaluation of Advantages and Disadvantages of Collective Defense Options (Word, 372KB)

Structure schematic (proposed) (PDF)

Pro Forma (Word, 52KB) [NOTE: Illustration only; results are not guaranteed.  This Pro Forma and all references to it are only intended to illustrate a possible performance of the company.  Results are likely to differ, perhaps materially, from those illustrated.]

Program Timeline (Word, 330 KB) – September 2008 to December 2012

Is it feasible?

Executive Summary of Feasibility Report (PDF, 270KB)

Full Feasibility Report and Cover Letter (PDF, 397KB) – an analysis of historic data relating to easement violations, land protection and defense insurance feasibility


Conservation Defense Program (Word, 378KB)

For questions, contact:

Leslie Ratley-Beach
Conservation Defense Director
Land Trust Alliance
44 Deerfield Drive
Montpelier, VT  05062
802-262-6051 phone and fax

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Why We Committed

Watch a brief video interview with Stan Lilley, Executive Director of the Chippewa Watershed Conservancy in Michigan:  "Why We Committed To Conservation Defense Insurance."


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