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Wetland and Stream Mitigation: A Handbook for Land Trusts

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Thanks to the support of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Environmental Law Institute and the Land Trust Alliance have released a new resource, Wetland and Stream Mitigation:  A Handbook for Land Trusts, which was designed to provide land trusts with a starting point for understanding the opportunities and liabilities associated with taking on a compensatory mitigation project. The handbook provides readers with:

  • Background on Section 404 of the Clean Water Act,
  • An overview of the different phases of a compensatory mitigation project,
  • A discussion of the different roles that a land trust can play in compensatory mitigation,
  • A framework for land trusts to assess their participation in a compensatory mitigation project, and
  • Technical guides on site protection instruments, long-term management plans, and long–term financing mechanisms.

Download the Wetland and Stream Mitigation: A Handbook for Land Trusts as well as other resources from the ELI website.

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