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Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation: Resiliency Planning

Project Summary

The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation (LPBF) works to restore and preserve natural resources within the watershed.  Restoration projects combined with community education and outreach to improve land management practices have yielded measurable water quality improvements.  Efforts to restore and build coastal resilience are informed by long-term adaptive management plans – the  Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP) and Comprehensive Habitat Management Plan (CHMP) – and implemented through targeted initiatives such as the Pontchartrain Coastal Lines of Defense Program (PCLOD).  The CMP primarily addresses water quality impairments and improvement opportunities, while the CHMP identifies habitat management, restoration, research, and education objectives.  The PCLOD offers guidelines for optimal coastal restoration and hurricane protection in the Basin and selects ten projects intended for immediate implementation.  By increasing protection for natural features such as marshes, barrier islands, and ridges, conservation efforts help protect surrounding communities – both ecological and socio-economic – the impacts of increasingly stronger hurricanes and sea level rise.

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-      Comprehensive Habitat Management Plan (CHMP)

-      Pontchartrain Coastal Lines of Defense Program (PCLOD)

-      Education Resources from LPBF

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Spotlight – LPBF

Location / size of service area

Lake Pontchartrain Basin, a 10,000 square mile watershed encompassing 16 Louisiana parishes.

Acres protected

Coastal restoration projects throughout the 10,000 square miles of the Basin, with Pearl R. on East, Mississippi R. on West.

Total number of staff and/or board

18 staff (some full, some part)

13 board members

Total number of supporters

Varies depending on projects – close to 30 active volunteers on Bayou St. John Project, with around 2,000 volunteers annually, and more than 20,000 volunteers involved in campaigns since 1991.

Year Established



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