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Maui Coastal Land Trust: Waihe'e Refuge Restoration Project

CAKE Case Study

Waihe’e Refuge was purchased by the Maui Coastal Land Trust in 2004. The refuge has a total area of 277 acres and houses vital habitats such as wetlands and marine shoreline and has one of the largest remaining, intact sand dune systems in all of Hawaii; the site is also a place of historical significance in the Hawaiian culture. Climate change will have unavoidable impacts on the site, in particular because of sea level rise. To increase the site’s resilience to climate change, managers are working with volunteers to remove all the invasive plants and replant the area with native plants. Volunteers are also educated about the effects climate change is projected to have on the site; Waihe’e Refuge serves as a living classroom to showcase climate change.

Read the full CAKE case study here.

Full CCN case study coming soon.

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