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Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange

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The Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE), a program of EcoAdapt, is an online community resource that supports managers, planners, and practitioners as they work to prepare for and respond to climate change. CAKE provides a georeferenced database filled with hundreds of on-the-ground adaptation case studies, a library of resources, a wealth of adaptation and climate change tools, a directory of practitioners, and a community section with the latest events and opportunities from around the field. You can browse or Search CAKE by filtering content by keyword (e.g. impact, biome, scale) and by section (e.g. case study, library item) to find helpful resources. Contact CAKE at if you have questions or need additional support.

Examples of land trusts addressing climate change through conservation efforts highlighted on the CAKE website include:

Examples of institutes and agencies addressing climate change through conservation planning include:

Publications that may be of particular interest to land trust and other conservation professionals include:

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