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Strategic Plan 2011 - 2015


Over the next 40 years, the United States will add another 100 million people, placing extreme pressure on natural and agricultural lands, and increasing the need for strong, local land trusts.  Strat Plan Chart

To find the best way forward, the Land Trust Alliance asked the advice of hundreds of land trusts, partners and funders. With your help, we have developed a guide for advancing land trust work over the next five years. In short, we will undertake three interconnected goals:

1. Accelerate the pace of land conservation.
2. Improve the quality of land conservation.
3. Ensure the permanence of land conservation.

Taken together, these initiatives will establish a strong foundation for land trusts for decades to come. As America’s conservation network, the Land Trust Alliance is prepared to provide the leadership and services to strengthen land conservation throughout the country.  

America needs land trusts now more than ever. At a time when many are questioning big government, land trusts offer an efficient, local approach to protecting clean water, wildlife habitat and agricultural lands.

Thank you for your friendship and support. We look forward to working with you to conserve the places people love throughout America.

Strat Plan Cover Read our full Strategic Plan (PDF)

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