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Thank You, Friends of the Southeast Program

For over 10 years, the Southeast program of the Land Trust Alliance has largely been funded by foundation grants, principally the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and the Lyndhurst Foundation. Since these foundations are no longer supporting environmental and land conservation interests throughout the Southeast, we are seeking new funding sources to sustain the Southeast program so that we can continue to bring you the tools, resources and counsel that the land trust community needs.

We are grateful for your support, and appreciate both financial contributions and introductions to partner program funders. Thank you to the following Friends of the Southeast Program who have made generous contributions in 2014.

Atlantic Coast Conservancy
Blumenthal Foundation
Brad Wyche and Diane Smock
Chip and Roberta Reed
Congaree Land Trust
Eric Calhoun
Frank S. Holleman
Georgia Power
Lydia S. Macauley
William Murray

Contact us if you would like to see your land trust featured among these Southeast Friends!

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Farrow Family Protects Farm in Collegedale

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