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Cost Share Grants Program

About the Cost Share Grants Program

Since 2002, The Land Trust Alliance (the Alliance) has provided over 110 cost-share grants to member land trusts in the Southeastern states for organizational development and strategic conservation planning projects. The Alliance Southeastern regional program serves member land trusts that operate within the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. During some grant cycles we are limited by our granting sources to certain states or regions; please read full details  to ascertain any such restrictions.

The Southeast Regional Program is pleased to offer a limited number of grants for:


Guided Organizational Assessments

These cost-share grants of $1,000 to $2,000 (which require the recipient land trust to contribute in the range of $250-$1500, depending on complexity,) will be awarded for professional assistance from Alliance staff or counselors for guiding an Organizational Assessment. Remember that a requirement for Accreditation is an Organizational Assessment against the full Land Trust Standards and Practices within 3 years prior to applying for Accreditation. The assessment process helps the land trust evaluates its performance, determine its conformance to Land Trust Standards and Practices' operational procedures, and identifies areas needed in program improvement to qualify for accreditation.  Contact us for more detailed information about guided Organizational Assessments and our cost-share grants and available counselors to guide the assessment process.


Land Trust Program Improvement

These cost-share grants (reduced this year to no more than $2,500, until such time when the Land Trust Alliance may secure new funding resources,) will be awarded to help land trusts selected for the Mentoring Program, improve their operational proficiencies based on priority needs identified by assessments of their operational Standards and Practices. They are primarily intended to help land trusts advance to higher levels of conservation program excellence and to prepare themselves for Land Trust Accreditation. Outcomes of these grants are for enhancement of the land trust’s operations and land protection/stewardship programs to bring them in closer adherence to Land Trust Standards and Practices.  Contact us for more detailed information about our Mentoring Program and associated cost-share agreements.



Please direct all inquiries to Heidi Hannapel at (919) 827-0023 or

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