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The Alliance maintains strategic partnerships with government agencies, private businesses and nonprofit organizations. Our programs and partnerships leverage our work on the ground, and provide unique links for land trusts to increase awareness about the importance of land conservation in America.

The valuation of conservation easements has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years. The Internal Revenue Service has an obvious concern over its impact on tax receipts and Congress has focused on perceived abuses in the tax treatment of gifts of conservation easements. In addition, many state agencies have raised similar concerns at a state level. The Alliance and professional appraisal organizations have been working together to increase training opportunities for appraisers and land conservation organizations, and to set guidelines and promote high quality appraisal work for conservation easements. Learn more »

Coastal Conservation Networking

Coastal Conservation Networking provides land trusts working in coastal areas with resources to help address unique challenges associated with climate change, including the protection of wetlands, buffers, and other natural ecosystems that will increase resilience to climate change impacts, such as sea level rise. In addition to providing education and outreach to coastal land trusts, online tools and resources are hosted on the Climate Change Toolkit. Coastal Conservation Networking is a partnership of the Land Trust Alliance, EPA, NOAA, and US FWS. Learn more »

Corporate Partnerships

Businesses today recognize that sustainability is essential to their long-term success. By conserving natural lands, a company can promote clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat and recreation while frequently improving its bottom line. Learn more about the companies partnering with the Land Trust Alliance to advance land conservation in their communities and nationwide. Read more »

Expert Link

Expert Link is the Land Trust Alliance's online directory in which members of the land trust community can seek out professional assistance from Alliance-member companies.  If you have any questions about your listing, or being listed in Expert Link, please contact Maddie Harris at 202-800- 2211 or by email.

Land Trust Accreditation Commission

The Land Trust Accreditation Commission was established as an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance in 2006 to operate a voluntary accreditation program to verify that land trusts are meeting the indicator practices.  The Alliance encourages all land trusts to follow the entire set of Land Trust Standards and Practices and to adopt them as guiding principles for their organizations.

LandScope America

NatureServe and the National Geographic Society have collaborated to develop LandScope America, a website that promises to empower people to explore natural places from their desktop in exceptionally vivid and useful ways. The Land Trust Alliance has helped this effort by providing advice and guidance to the effort and connecting the LandScope America developers with land trusts in target areas.

The Partnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation is a new coalition of local, regional, state and national land trusts and land conservation organizations devoted to improving land and water conservation on private lands in the Gulf of Mexico coastal region.  This initiative is organized under the auspices of the Land Trust Alliance and is patterned after the many successful land protection collaboratives operating in other regions of the United States.

Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) Program

The Land Trust Alliance and the Department of Defense’s Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) Program promote collaborations between land trusts and military installations to increase capacity and conserve land important to national defense and local communities. As partners the Alliance and REPI share best practices in conservation, including innovative ideas in financing conservation, and work to increase the pace, improve the quality and ensure the permanence of conservation in areas surrounding this nation’s military installations.

Are you or your organization a partner of the Land Trust Alliance? Feel free to post our logo on your website.

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